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a mixed metal engagement ring on a black stand
Elegance Intertwined: The Allure of Mixed Metal Engagement Rings
April 5th, 2024

Find a distinctive emblem of your love story when you shop mixed metal engagement rings here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

a platinum engagement ring in a gray jewelry box
4 Reasons Why We Prefer Platinum
March 25th, 2024

At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we give you the inside track on what makes platinum jewelry so exceptional and why we feature it so prominently in our collection.

A man holds his hand out at a peer at a lake, while sailboats pass by.
Embrace the Wilderness: Watches That Bring You Closer to Nature
March 5th, 2024

Explore the wonders of Indiana’s landscapes, accompanied by these exquisite timepieces available at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

A woman getting ready uses the bathroom mirror to put a celestial station necklace on.
Winter Blues? A Guide to Stylish Necklace Pairings with Cold-Weather Attire
February 25th, 2024

Elevate your mood and your wardrobe by learning how to style necklaces with your winter clothing from Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

A woman wearing blue gemstone jewelry inside of a cafe.
Blooming with Color: Incorporating Bold Colors into Your Jewelry Wardrobe
February 15th, 2024

Stand out this spring with bold gemstone jewelry, available at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers in Schererville, Indiana.

lady wearing a hat and fashion jewelry with a nature background
Floral Fantasies: Blossoming Jewelry Trends for Spring 2024
February 5th, 2024

Spring into the season in style with the latest jewelry trends from Albert’s Diamond Jewelers near Chicago.

diagram of an emerald cut diamond next to a radiant cut diamond
Brilliance vs Clarity: Differences Between the Radiant and Emerald Diamond Cuts
January 25th, 2024

Learn what differentiates the rare emerald cut from its sparkling counterpart, the radiant cut, with this guide from our experts here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

lady wearing fashionable clothes and a luxury watch
TAG Heuer Watches Top Picks
January 15th, 2024

Browse our curated collection of our favorite TAG Heuer watches to upgrade your style here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

A woman wearing PANDORA jewelry holds a potted succulent plant.
Customizing Your Story: PANDORA Jewelry at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers
January 5th, 2024

Learn how to tell a story through accessorizing with PANDORA jewelry, available at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.