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Watch Maintenance Myths Debunked

May 25th, 2024

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Navigating the sea of myths surrounding the proper care of luxury watches can be daunting. Fortunately, Albert's Diamond Jewelers understands the importance of maintaining the beauty, form, function, and value of fine timepieces. We’ve meticulously crafted a guide to dispel common misconceptions and reveal the truth about watch care. This essential resource helps watch enthusiasts make informed decisions, ensuring that their exquisite timepieces continue to function flawlessly and retain their allure through the years. Our commitment to providing authoritative, clear information reflects their dedication to the timeless art of watch preservation.

Myth #1: Winding Daily is Necessary

Many watch wearers operate under the misconception that daily winding is essential for all mechanical watches to maintain accuracy and longevity. However, this practice isn't necessary for every timepiece. Automatic watches, for instance, are designed to wind themselves as the wearer moves their wrist. Although manual winding may be required at times, overwinding can actually lead to wear and tear on the movement. It's important to understand the specific needs and mechanisms of your watch to ensure you're providing the right level of care and not inadvertently causing damage.

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Myth #2: Magnetism is Only a Problem for Vintage Watches

The belief that only vintage watches are susceptible to magnetism is widespread but inaccurate. In reality, modern timepieces can also be affected by magnetic fields commonly found in everyday electronics like cell phones and laptops. Exposure to these fields can cause a watch to run faster or slower, substantially impacting its accuracy. While many contemporary watches include some form of magnetic shielding, they are not completely immune and can benefit from demagnetizing procedures if affected.

Myth #3: Water Resistance is Permanent

Another common misconception is that a watch's water-resistant qualities last indefinitely without the need for upkeep. However, the seals and gaskets that keep moisture out can deteriorate due to factors, like temperature fluctuations and exposure to everyday chemicals such as chlorine and salt. Regular maintenance checks, ideally every one to two years, are crucial, especially for watches frequently exposed to water. This preventative care helps ensure that the timepiece remains reliable in the conditions for which it was originally designed.

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Myth #4: Professional Serving Isn’t Required

Some watch owners assume that if their timepiece appears to be keeping time accurately and is routinely cleaned at home, it doesn't need to be serviced by a professional. This notion overlooks the importance of regular preventative maintenance, which is vital for extending the life and functionality of the watch. Mechanical watches, in particular, benefit from periodic in-depth cleaning, oiling, and adjustment to prevent damage on their intricate components. Regular servicing ensures that any potential issues are addressed before they develop into more serious problems.

Myth #5: All Watches Require Similar Maintenance

It is also a myth that the maintenance needs of watches are uniform across all models and brands. In reality, different types of watches—from quartz to mechanical to automatic—require specific care routines. Factors like the complexity of the movement, the materials used in the casing and strap, and the general design and construction of the watch can greatly influence how it should be maintained. Understanding these nuances is key to ensuring that each timepiece receives the appropriate care it needs to function optimally.

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