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Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings

March 29th, 2017

Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings

Famous for featuring not one but three gleaming diamonds, three stone style engagement rings are one of today's most popular engagement ring choice amongst sophisticated modern brides.

A symbol a couple's shared "past, present, and future", three stone engagement rings are a loving and romantic way to start any new marriage. Also known as trinity, trilogy, or trio ring, three stone engagement rings can be identified the three, similarly sized diamonds that is at the focus of every ring.

Three stone engagement rings

At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we realize that finding for engagement rings sometimes feel overwhelming. So to help you find the perfect ring, the bridal jewelry experts at Albert's Diamond Jewelers have put together this handy guide of some tips, history, and advantages of three stone rings, all of which will hopefully help you find the perfect engagement ring for anyone!

Changing Styles, New Meanings:

Coming into style round the turn of the 20th century, three stone engagement rings were originally made with a diverse combination of Edwardian bridal styles with, what was at the time, fashion-forward Art Nouveau-inspired details and embellishments.

Since then, three stone engagement rings have remained an extremely popular options for bridal jewelry, and today can be often found on the fingers of celebrities and everyday people alike.

In addition to its next-level brilliance and beauty, three stone rings have remained popular due to the unique and personal meanings that each piece represents for the wearer. For example, in the early 1900's, the three diamonds were thought to signify "mother, father, and child" or "friendship, love, and fidelity."

Three stone engagement rings symbolize the shared

Today, three stone engagement rings symbolize the shared "past, present, and future" of a young couple, with the large center diamond representing the couple's shared present.

Advantages of Three Stone Engagement Rings:

In addition to elegant appearance and personal meaning of three stone engagement rings, there are some significant advantages to picking a three stone ring over another ring type.

Advantage #1:

Verragio Insignia
Engagement Ring

Due to their unique construction, three stone engagement rings are not dependent on a large center diamond to supply the ring's sparkle. Instead, these rings feature high-quality smaller diamonds, which makes the focal diamonds of  three stone engagement rings appear as every bit as bright as a single diamond ring. Resulting in a big, bright, and sparkling engagement ring without breaking the bank.

Advantage #2:

Another advantage is that three stone engagement rings are incredibly versatile. Since their design is relatively simple, three stone rings can commonly be found adorned with princess, round, asscher, marquise, emerald cut diamonds.

Additionally, three stone rings are available today at retailers such as Albert's Diamond Jewelers, featuring halo style diamond setting, side stone settings, as well as a seemingly endless selection of other engagement ring varieties, styles, and types.

Advantage #3:

Last but not least, three stone engagement rings are perfect for brides-to-be with uniquely vintage senses of style. Always classic but never old-fashioned, three stone rings evoke a sense of effortless elegance and timeless sophistication, and are the ideal engagement ring choice for any bride who has their own distinctive style and retro-inspired fashion preferences.

Two Simple Steps for Finding the Perfect Three Stone Engagement Ring:

Believe us, we here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers understand how large and intimidating the world of bridal jewelry can be. Luckily, we've got a few easy-to-follow tips that are sure to help you find the ideal three stone ring for your future bride.

Step #1: Research!

Before anything, it's important to get an idea of what style of three stone engagement ring your bride-to-be might even be interested in. One great way to figure this out is to take time to explore the website for Albert's Diamond Jewelers at AlbertsJewelers.com.

More than just a way to explore the massive variety of three stone rings available today, why not suggest that your future wife helps you with finding a piece of jewelry for a close friend or family member.

While you're doing this, be sure to ask what engagement ring styles, types, and designers she prefers, these answers will be incredibly helpful later in the engagement ring buying process.

Step #2: Head to Albert's Diamond Jewelers!

Once you've got something of an idea as to what kind of three stone engagement ring your bride-to-be might like, the next step is to head to Albert's Diamond Jewelers.

At Albert's Diamond Jewelers you will find a friendly staff of bridal jewelry experts who are specially trained to assist their customers with finding the perfect engagement rings for everyone.

Some of our favorite designers of three stone engagement rings at Albert's Diamond Jewelers include:

A. Jaffe:

Founded in 1892, the engagement rings of  A. Jaffe are known for featuring subtly detailed and confidently designed pieces of bridal jewelry mastery.

A. Jaffe three stone engagement rings

Proud to be a part of A. Jaffe's continued legacy of elegance and sophistication, Albert's Diamond Jewelers proudly carries in the Schererville, Indiana,  


Built with the philosophy that "one should never settle for average," the  three stone rings by Verragio are anything by average. From the InsigniaVerragio ClassicParisian, and Venetian collections come three stone engagement rings that feature a wonderful variety of intricate engravings, nature-inspired motifs, and truly one-of-a-kind designs.

Verragio three stone engagement rings

More than just your average engagement rings, the three stone models from Verragio are made by a unique combination of classic European design methods with modern fashions, and are built with beautiful 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and top-quality platinum.

Other Three Stone Engagement Ring Designers Available at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

These are just a few of the amazing engagement ring designers on display today in the Schererville and Merrillville locations of  Albert's Diamond Jewelers. In addition to A. Jaffe, and Verragio, customers will find an assortment of breathtaking three stone engagement rings from designers such as Christopher Designs.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Designers Available at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

And if you've already found that perfect three stone ring, or just want to bring an old ring back to its former brilliance, Albert's Diamond Jewelers also offers jewelry cleaning,  repair, and appraisals services. These services are done entirely on-site at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, and are done by a team of specially trained jewelry making professionals.

Now it's your turn!

Do you have any tips or advice on how to find the perfect three stone engagement ring? If you do, visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and share with us your tips, or even just a picture of your very own three stone ring today!