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All About Pendants

There are a few better accessories one can use to imbue their ensembles with personality and expression than pendant necklaces. Pendant necklaces are characterized by a solitary gem, motif, or shape on a chain, allowing the necklace's focal point to take center stage. Pendant necklaces range in style from minimalistic to bold, timeless to eccentric. We offer a broad range of pendant necklaces here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers to cater to a wide audience. 

Heart Pendants

A heart is an age-old symbol representing love, passion, and affection. Heart pendant necklaces are a timeless style, commonly given as gifts to romantic partners and family members. Whether filled or empty, gemstone studded or solid metal, these necklaces serve as a reminder of all of the love in one’s life. This style can be more whimsical, with flowing lines and bright colors, or more glamorous, featuring vibrant gemstones and delicate details. 

Circle Pendants

When used in jewelry and art, circles have been said to symbolize many different things, including eternal bonds and the cycle of life. Whatever this shape represents to you, circle pendants are wonderfully subtle and elegant. Classic circles are incredibly versatile shapes, making a great focal point for the layering of necklaces of varying weights, lengths, and styles. 

Religious Pendants

For many religious people, pendants displaying characteristic images of their faith are encouraging and strengthening. Religious symbols, stylized and portrayed in precious metals and accented by diamonds or gemstones, make for both beautiful and sentimental accessories. We’re happy to offer a number of stunning, designer religious pendants to cater to a wide audience.

Gemstone Pendants

Opt for a richly colored gemstone pendant necklace for a bold statement piece. This form puts the vibrant facets of mesmerizing gemstones on full display, celebrating their unique beauty. These necklaces will add visual interest to your ensemble and communicate your individual style and personality. Whether their setting is elaborate or minimal, a gemstone necklace is necessary to anyone’s jewelry collection. 

Solitaire Pendants

In jewelry, the word “solitaire” refers to a single gem, typically a diamond, in a setting that allows the stone to take the spotlight as the piece's primary focus. Solitaire pendants typically feature a bezel or prong set diamond along a delicate chain. This style is timeless and fitting for many occasions and ensembles. 

Shop Pendant Necklaces at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Supplement your jewelry collection with designer accessories from our selection here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers. Our Schererville jewelry store is stocked with immaculately crafted pendant necklaces and more to cater to even the most discerning of tastes. Allow our team of amiable and experienced personnel to assist you in finding your next favorite accessory. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our staff members today.