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How Do You Resize a Ring’

November 13th, 2020

Determining If It Needs to be Resized

Of course, your ring is too small if you are unable to get it over your finger or your knuckle. If your ring is too loose, it significantly increases the chances of the ring accidentally slipping off and becoming lost. Some engagement rings in Chicago need to be resized in order to keep the stone centered on the top of the finger, as it can cause the ring to move side to side.

The bottom line: if you don't like the way that the ring feels on your finger or if it feels uncomfortable in any way, it is better to get it resized for peace of mind and daily comfort.

How to Resize a Ring

There are a variety of different ways to resize a ring depending on the needs of the individual. Common approaches include tightening the shank, stretching the band, adding size assistants or remaking the ring altogether.

Resize A Ring

Rings That Shouldn't be Resized

Keep in mind that not all ring materials lend themselves well to getting resized. Resizable rings must be made from a metal material such as platinum, gold or silver. Rings made from wood, quartz, titanium or other non-metal materials cannot be resized. Full eternity bands, rose gold rings, tungsten rings and rings with tension settings should not be resized.

Our Team at Albert's Can Help

When you turn your engagement ring in Chicago over to our team, it will be returned to you in perfect condition ready for a lifetime of wear. Get in touch with us if you have a ring to resize.