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Your Guide to Jewelry Gifts for the Holiday

November 15th, 2021

Jewelry Gifts for the Holiday

This holiday season many of us will be gathering together for the first time in a while, and some of us will still be far from our loved ones. Give the people that mean the most to you a gift that will mean a lot to them. We’ve compiled a guide to this season’s jewelry trends that will help match a fitting piece for each unique person on your list, drawing influence from their personal style!

Sweetly Sentimental

For your sentimental friends and family, a piece that says “thinking of you always” is the goal. This winter season, isolated pendants on sparkling chain necklaces or bracelets are a popular way to add a bit of charm to any look.

Heart-shaped Diamond And Turquoise Necklace

Choose a pendant or gemstone that holds significance for you and your loved one. Like this heart-shaped diamond and turquoise necklace by Shy Creations, a symbolic pendant doubles as a gorgeous addition to any outfit. It is also a symbol of your love that they can keep with them always.

On the Cutting-Edge

It can be a bit intimidating when shopping for your more edgy, stylish friends and loved ones. We understand they can be hard to buy for, but we’re here to help! Unique designs, chunky chains, and intricate metal work are on every runway and fashion blog this winter.

Chain Hoop Earrings

Designer John Hardy is known for just this style of jewelry. Gift your cutting-edge friend or family member a piece like these chain hoop earrings for a cool, modern look. They’ll be so impressed!

Classically Chic

For your loved one that tends to prefer the tried and true styles over more experimental, modern ones, look for a piece that takes an elevated approach to the classics. The clean lines and artisan detail characteristic of Roberto Coin jewelry are sure to please your chic friends and family members. This original but classically inspired diamond bangle will fit seamlessly into their wardrobe.

Varied Weight Chain Necklace

Boho at Heart

Your dreamy, bohemian friends will revel in this season’s out of the box trends. Layering, asymmetry, organic shapes, and bold color will be stand out features of winter jewelry this year. Check out designs by Ania Haie for a stunning selection of eccentric pieces. We love styles like this varied weight chain necklace with a one of a kind pendant, and they will too!

Minimal to the Max

Minimalism is a trend in fashion and design that doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Your minimalistically inspired friends are sure to appreciate the subdued beauty of designs like those by Mikimoto.

Drop Pearl Necklace

A name synonymous with quality and skillful craftsmanship, Mikimoto pieces are exquisitely understated. A piece like this stunning drop pearl necklace will garner just the right amount of attention in the eyes of your loved one.

Holiday Shopping at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Founded in 1905, Albert’s remains one of the largest and most popular family-owned jewelers with a legacy of providing customers with exceptional customer service and an expansive inventory. For all of your holiday jewelry gift needs, visit our Schererville jewelry store or view our inventory online. We’d love to guide you through your selections this season!