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White Hot Glow: Platinum Vs. White Gold

February 25th, 2022

White Hot Glow: Platinum Vs. White Gold

Most people have a preference for the tone of metal that they like to wear for their jewelry. While most have a strong opinion about yellow gold versus white gold, not many people think about which they prefer when it comes down to white gold versus platinum. Although they both have the same cool tone with a similar shine, there are important differences to consider before purchasing one over the other. Our experts at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers have put together a guide to inform you on the best option for your next piece of luxury jewelry.

Create a White Gold Shine

One of the most popular metals for bridal and fashion jewelry, white gold has a brilliant shine that works well with diamonds and gemstones in various types of designs. White gold is an alloy using up to 75% gold for 18K gold with the remaining 25% consisting of a variety of white metals, like silver, palladium, and nickel, to give the gold more strength. 14K white gold has a higher alloy content that makes it less malleable than the 18K version. The gold-alloy mixture is then plated with rhodium to give the bright white shine that people adore.

Platinum And White Gold Jewelries

Go Platinum

A naturally white metal, platinum jewelry is usually 95% platinum with only 5% alloy. The beautiful elegant color makes a perfect setting for gemstones, diamonds, and when used with other precious metals. Platinum has superior strength over most other metals and makes for a luxurious piece of jewelry.

Consider the Details

Before purchasing your wedding bands or the engagement ring of their dreams, make sure you are fully aware of all the factors that will influence the design. The metal you choose will set the tone for the overall appearance.


The stunning hues of white gold and platinum is popular with many fashionable people as it matches well and suits every skin tone. Platinum purely has this desirable color as it is naturally a white metal and does not require the same creation that white gold goes through. The rhodium plating is ultimately what gives white gold its beautiful shade.

Platinum And White Gold Rings

Durability and Maintenance

Gold is inherently soft and malleable. Pure gold can easily get dings and lose its shape quickly, and this is why gold jewelry is always mixed with other metals to support the gold while the gold’s luminous qualities can still shine through. Rhodium plating on white gold gives the white gold more than just its color, but it also helps reduce the risk of scratches. The plating will wear off over time with wear and is suggested to have your white gold item redipped every 1-2 years to maintain the brilliance and hide the natural yellow color of the gold.

Platinum is one of the strongest and lowest maintenance metals to use. While white gold requires continuous polishing and redipping, platinum just requires an at home cleaning every now and then with a professional cleaning every few years to have it brightened from daily wear. Platinum will not scratch and will securely hold diamonds and gemstones in place.


One of the biggest differences in the decision between these two is the price. Platinum generally costs 50% more than the same item in white gold. The rarity of platinum along with the fact that it takes more of the dense metal to make a piece of jewelry drives up the price. White gold is the more affordable upfront option when making a purchase, however, keep in mind the upkeep. White gold requires polishings and redipping every few years. Platinum, on the other hand, requires very little upkeep, but is more expensive up front.

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Platinum and White Gold Jewelry at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

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