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Unique Wedding Rings To Make You Stand Out

October 10th, 2020

Unique Wedding Rings To Make You Stand Out

Wedding rings are a tradition going back thousands of years. Over time, conventional designs have fallen out of favor for alternative designs that take full advantage of modern technology. Computer imaging technology and inspirations from the past have propelled today's designers to new heights. Find a unique ring that expresses your personality and love in a single package.

Mix It Up

Generally, jewelry experts recommend matching metals across your entire ensemble. From your earrings to bracelets to shoe buckles, every matching accessory must have a cohesive look. Mixed metals, however, throw out this age-old bit of wisdom for lively and daring designs.

For instance, Verragio's Parisian Collection features a wide array of creations made with mixed metals. Delicate rose gold "knots" along the setting and rose gold linings on the inside of the ring offer a warm contrast to the white gold metal.

Round Meets Marquise

For those who don't want the traditional round or princess-cut stone, a pear-shaped stone cut offers a modern interpretation without skimping on the elegance and class. Also known as a teardrop cut, pear-shaped stones combine the round brilliant and marquise shape.

A pear-shaped stone's elongated shape can actually make your fingers appear longer and slender. Cut in 58 facets, these stones feature the same level of brilliance as the traditional round cut. For the bride who likes to stand out from the crowd, the pear-shaped stone is the only choice for a truly unique wedding ring.

Negative Space

Unique Wedding Rings Indiana

Say goodbye to the classic and simple band. Intertwining and separated bands are all the rage now. These bands take a dynamic approach over the conventional one-piece designs. Overlapping bands, swirls, and parallel lines create negative space that perfectly contrasts with the warm glow of each piece.

Size Matters

If diamonds are a woman's best friend, then these creations are her entire friend group. Wedding bands featuring different-sized diamonds can range from simple designs to elaborate and layered pieces. For instance, this stunning piece features an alternating lineup of small and medium stones reminiscent of a shining crown or tiara.

No Engagement Ring

Unique Wedding Bands Indiana

Who says you have to own a matching engagement ring with your wedding band? Forgo the entire concept and focus on choosing the wedding band of your dreams. Wearing only a wedding band showcases your individuality and modernity. Take the road less traveled with a single wedding band or up the romance factor and get matching his and hers wedding bands.

Stackable Designs

For some, a wedding band isn't enough. Why stop at one ring on your finger? The more the merrier, right? Stackable wedding bands come in thin and delicate designs. Wear one alone for a minimalist look or stack your rings up high for a personalized look.

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