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Trending Winter Jewelry at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

December 30th, 2020

Winter Jewelry

Are you looking for the absolute must-haves for this upcoming winter season? Luckily, Albert's Diamond Jewelers has everything you could need and more! You can choose from stunning necklaces and rings to beautiful diamond studs and bracelets that are guaranteed to become an eye-catching staple in your jewelry collection.

We're going to be shining the spotlight on some definitive jewelry trends to look out for this winter. Check out our guide below to get ahead of the fashion game and secure your favorite pieces right now.

Ania Haie Circle Necklaces

If you're all for a necklace that speaks specifically for you, invest in one of these stunning Ania Haie circle necklaces. This collection is full of exquisite designs and unique flavors that you can easily use to completely transform your personal style.

As a must-have jewelry accessory for those looking for a chic aesthetic, these designer necklaces can take any ordinary outfit to the next level of fashion-forward elegance and sophistication. A piece you can't go wrong with from this collection is the Swirl Nexus style, it's guaranteed to spice up your winter wardrobe.

Lariat Choker Necklace

Lariat Choker Necklace

We're taking a trip right back to the '90s with a hint of contemporary style. The dazzling Gabriel & Co chokers have stepped up as a new style icon. One of the few designers to have an extensive variety of choker necklaces to choose from, this collection contains some of the trendiest pieces to rock this upcoming winter season.

Consider an icicle-like diamond spike design for a seamless reflection of the changing landscape during the winter season. If you're one to celebrate the first snowfall of the season, these necklaces are definitely for you.

Solid Metal Stud Earrings

If you're looking for a sleek design with a hint of sophistication, you've come to the right place. Solid metal stud earrings are completely on-trend right now and taking over the jewelry market with their simple stature and unconventional geometric designs.

Both the Gorjana Taner Bar Mini Stud and Ania Haie Luxe Lobe Hook Studs are a minimalist's dream. The understated designs still pack a punch with the unique shape of the studs.

Twisted Metal Rings

From simple to complex, twisting metal designs are adored for their fascinating juxtaposition of rigid metal in a fluid design. Ania Haie flaunts another pared down display of fashion jewelry with an incredible essence in her twisted helix ring. Shockingly affordable, this ring is beautifully adorned in sculpted simplicity.

A sight to behold, David Yurman has crafted a cable sculpted twisted ring that is origami-inspired. An elegant choice as a statement ring, however, any selection from David Yurman will land you with a prized jewelry piece coveted for its display of striking craftsmanship.

Cable Hoop Earrings

Cable Hoop Earrings

Are you looking for a timeless accessory that can pair perfectly with any outfit? You're in luck, these cable hoop earrings by David Yurman are a must-have this winter. They're elegant enough to dress up for a fancy holiday party, but also transform into an easy casual accessory that you can wear to brunch with your girlfriends.

With their 18K yellow gold design, these earrings continue to stand out while wearing bulky sweaters or multiple layers during the winter season.

Swirling Pearl Earrings

It's no secret that pearls are the most elegant accent to include in your winter wardrobe this season. With these Gabriel & Co. pearl earrings, they're guaranteed to bring a sense of sophistication and lustrous finishing touches to any stylish ensemble you're sporting this winter.

These rings also can be dressed-down to become a bit more modern, which adds a playful edge to your 2021 fashion ideas.

Shop Winter Jewelry at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Altogether, this season is looking merry and bright. If you're interested in searching for any of these styles, head over to Albert's Diamond Jewelers, a neighborhood jeweler ready to handle any of your holiday shopping or treat yourself moments. Shop all of their newest styles now and grab your favorite pieces today.