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Top Trending Diamond Shapes of 2021

January 4th, 2021

Top Trending Diamond Shapes of 2021

If there's a proposal right around the corner or you're just looking for inspiration, you can never go wrong with doing some early engagement ring shopping. Luckily, the latest trending styles as we start the new year are guaranteed to make any bride-to-be fall in love all over again.

So what do these new shapes have to offer? We're diving deep into the top engagement ring diamond trends for 2021. Whether you already have the ring of your dreams picked out or you and your partner are searching for the perfect one, you'll want to be armed with all the latest engagement ring trends before visiting Albert's Diamond Jewelers.

Which Diamonds Are Trending in 2021?

Round Diamonds

One of the most popular diamond shapes year after year continues to be round cut diamonds Their circular shape and 58 facets allow them to shine brighter than any other cut on the market. With this classic cut, round cut rings remain a timeless staple for any bride-to-be to have wrapped around their finger.

Round Diamonds Wedding Rings Schererville

Due to their increasing popularity, brides have the most options to choose from to find a setting that reflects their personality. You can't go wrong with browsing the round cut rings in the Verragio Couture collection. This high fashion collection features brilliantly cut diamonds that glimmer all day long in a variety of elegant settings with an emphasis on mixed metal inlays, cathedral settings, and gallery adornment. Find an eye-catching diamond ring to represent your love story.

Oval Diamonds

Elongated diamond shapes are taking the bridal world by storm and none more so that the oval cut diamond. With its elegant shape and slimming effect on the hand, it's no wonder these diamonds are becoming increasingly popular with brides heading into the new year.

Oval Diamonds Engagement Rings Schererville

Oval diamonds evoke a vintage romanticism, settling in nicely to traditional silhouettes. Within A. Jaffe's Classic collection, you will find beautifully crafted oval cut rings that feature glittering side stones. Whether crowned by a halo or classically serene, these rings are perfect for any bride looking to showcase the oval cut in all of its glory.

Pear Diamonds

The most unique, individualistic brides-to-be want an engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd. Moving away from classic shapes, the pear-shaped diamond is gaining momentum as an eccentric cut that feels both feminine and edgy as the shape highlights a soft, rounded physique that comes to a sharp point.

Pear Diamonds Engagement Ring Schererville

The sharpness of the pear shape can be softened with a dynamic halo for those that want an elongated shape more distinct than an oval cut. Albert's own in-house collection of pear shaped rings showcases striking designs that embody the balance of style and grace. One of the many peculiarities about the pear shape is its ability to be worn with the point facing upwards or downwards—there are no right answers, only personal preference.

Shape Your Future at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Altogether, these diamond cuts are expected to be the most popular engagement ring styles in 2021. Once you know what shape you are looking for, let Albert's Diamond Jewelers guide you in finding the highest quality loose diamonds on the market at unbeatable prices. With their excellent attention to detail and dedication to clients, Albert Diamond Jewelers is the perfect jeweler for you this proposal season.