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Top Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces from John Hardy

December 10th, 2020

Top Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces from John Hardy

As a brand and a designer, John Hardy epitomizes sustainability and ethics-minded jewelry. His passion for beautiful and inventive sterling silver jewelry designs is evident in every piece! Learn about the Classic Chain, Modern Chain, Bamboo, Legends Naga, and Dot collections as we highlight trending styles from each.

Classic Chain

This series is brimming with entrancing pieces, characterized by intricate and handwoven designs. The handwoven metal in the Classic Chain collection is a traditional Balinese technique, enchanting to behold.

Sterling Silver Ring

Shop this 20 inch Classic Chain necklace, as chunky chains are trending right now. The foxtail chain gradually increases in size from the clasp to the center. It can stand on its own or be paired with a delicate choker necklace. Just as chains are chunky, rings are thick in size. Find yourself a bold, and daring one, like this luminous sterling silver ring.

Modern Chain

Flattened silhouettes, industrial chic, and utter transformation are hallmarks of the contemporary chain. John hardy has taken these pillars and created a beautiful Modern Chain. The sterling silver jewelry in this collection is a reimagined version of the Classic.

Adorn yourself in a chunky chain bracelet. Discover the possibilities with this Modern Chain. Incorporating signature black lines, the foxtail chain is modern and complemented by a multi-diamond pendant. Feel sultry in this bracelet, as the heavy metal feels luxuriously substantial. With a shock of gold, you can warm up any outfit.


The Bamboo collection is for those who love nature and subtlety. Taking inspiration from the evergreen, perennial bamboo, this series offers both thick and thin designs.

Bamboo Earrings

The hoop earring as envisioned by John Hardy is structurally unique and a move away from smooth classic designs. See yourself in these refined Bamboo earrings. Stay on-trend with hoop earrings, the most popular styles are the largest and boldest.

The chunky chain trend isn't limited to necklaces and bracelets. It's also dramatic drop earrings which are in vogue. Top off an elegant outfit with these bamboo chain drop earrings. Stylized with their enigmatic signature markings, these pieces are sure to impress.

Legends Naga

Experience the myth with the Legends Naga collection. This collection is designed to echo heroic semi-divine and divine beings of Balinese myth: the cobra, the serpent, and the Naga. Sterling silver realizes these emblems of Balinese tradition and myth.

Relish the gold accents and sapphires in this Legends Naga bangle! The Naga bust is a conversation starter and the intricate scaled design makes this piece truly unique. Reminiscent of a traditional tapestry yet sculpted from breathtaking sterling silver, the dragon is interwoven through crashing waves.


A convex muse springs forth from the Dot collection. Brimming with circles, these pieces are crafted from sterling silver, gold, and mother of pearl. Peruse through bracelets and earrings with cleverly crafted arcs.

Flattened Mother Of Pearl Earrings

When it comes to earrings, the Dot collection is committed to the dramatic drop. The classic, sharp diamond shape is given a circular send up by these sterling silver Dot earrings. Pearls are trending especially with refreshed reimagining of the stones in innovative designs. Stun with these delicate flattened mother of pearl earrings in the Dot collection.

John Hardy at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

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