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Top Jewelry Repair Myths

March 25th, 2023

A jeweler with dirty hands polishes a solitaire engagement ring at his workstation

Jewelry maintenance can be a complex endeavor. There is much to know about what it takes to keep jewelry shining and spiffy. The sheer amount of misinformation and myths make it difficult to know the ins and outs. At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we have been working with fine jewelry for decades. This allows us a deep understanding of jewelry maintenance and repair practices. Learn how to properly care for your jewelry with this guide from our experts.

A jeweler holds a diamond in his tweezers as he observes it against a dark green background

Diamonds Can’t Get Damaged

Diamonds may be the hardest substance on the planet, but surprisingly, they are still vulnerable to scratches, chipping, and pressure. Since they are usually exposed within their settings to reveal their beauty to viewers with maximum radiance, they are relatively easy to damage.

Scratches can accumulate by contact with surfaces like concrete, metal, and any other hard material. Sharp-cornered cuts like the princess cut can make a diamond unstable, especially if dropped from a high distance on a hard surface. It is important to keep an eye on your gemstone.

A pair of yellow gold huggie earrings with a ruby gemstone accent sits on a cream bedsheet with roses

Never Take Jewelry Off

This myth is especially prevalent for pieces like engagement rings and wedding bands. One reason is that there are plenty of occasions when taking off jewelry is a poor decision. For example, if you’re in a crowd or at a public place, never take it off. This is because jewelry is small and easy to lose track of, particularly with all the distractions and movement going on.

Outside of the crowd, it is important to take it off if you expect to be exposed to the elements. Salt water, chlorine, heat, and other environmental factors are detrimental to jewelry’s health. Consider bringing an airtight, secure container with you to stash jewelry away just in case.

A necklace featuring a gemstone is framed by a tilted diamond square dangling over the edge of a bedroom dresser

Cleaning Solutions Are Best for Cleaning

Many assert that chemical cleaning solutions are better for at-home cleanings than soap and water. This makes sense, as they are advertised as such. However, these cleaners have some ingredients that do more harm than good. Some have caustic substances that actually dull and damage gemstones. In addition, they can be difficult to use and create dangerous spills.

Ultimately, the best DIY cleaning solution is simply warm water and mild soap. Make sure to take jewelry to the jeweler twice a year for in-depth cleaning. Jewelers use advanced techniques and technology to ensure every part of the piece is clean, even the areas you cannot get at home.

A jeweler works on a broken piece of gold jewelry in his dark workshop

Only Emergencies Necessitate Jeweler Visits

Jewelers do more than just fix broken jewelry. We also conduct maintenance services, such as polishing, cleaning, and rhodium plating. This furthers the longevity of your favorite accessories. Some of these services are essential for some pieces. For example, white gold jewelry needs to be brought to a jeweler to be redipped or the gold’s natural yellow color may shine through.

In general, you will want to bring jewelry in twice a year for polishing and cleaning (plus a redipping if it is made of white gold). Make sure to reserve an appointment for a personalized consultation.

A woman wearing a yellow diamond fashion ring, a colorful enamel bangle, and a yellow gold timepiece drives her SUV down a peaceful country road

Repair Your Jewelry at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers is your destination for professional jewelry services. We offer ring resizing, prong replacement, polishing, overhauls, cleaning, and more. Our experts can even repair timepieces and create custom-designed jewelry. From our Schererville jewelry store, we provide the best in everything for our customers and community. Email CustomerService@AlbertsJewelers.com to learn more.