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Top 4 Engagement Ring Styles this Holiday Season

November 15th, 2022

Engagement Ring Styles

There’s something special about the holidays that makes one want to declare their undying love and propose a lifetime of happiness, love, and commitment. Whatever that something is, it’s essential to find the engagement ring that will blow your partner away. At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we carry a wide variety of glamorous engagement rings. With such variety, everyone can find a ring right for them.

Spectacular Oval Halo Ring

Spectacular Oval Halos

A halo is an exciting, modern setting showcasing a plethora of light and luxury. By surrounding the center stone with a circle of smaller diamonds, these engagement rings are made uniquely bright and breathtaking. Oval cut diamonds are well-suited for halos, as they have an elegant and elongated shape that is almost as brilliant as round gemstones.

This marvelous A.JAFFE Classics engagement ring has a gorgeous oval cut diamond surrounded by a dazzling halo. Moreover, the band also features spectacular pave-set diamonds for an even more radiant look.

Regal Princess Cut Ring

Regal Princess Cuts

The princess cut diamond is truly gorgeous. Shaped into an inverted pyramid, it appears as a dazzling square when viewed from above. These gemstones are so unlike the most common cut – the brilliant round cut – that they appear to be completely unique, despite being the second most popular shape.

For something regal and distinctive, this Verragio Insignia engagement ring is a phenomenal option. Its fantastically intricate band presents bezel and prong set side stones in an interwoven silhouette guaranteed to garner attention. The princess cut center stone completes it, evoking a balanced and contemporary look.

Three Stone Spectacle Ring

Three Stone Spectacle

Three stone settings are meant to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. This romantic, sentimental quality may be outshined by the sheer quantity of glamorous diamonds. There are many three stone engagement rings available, each exhibiting its own characteristics.

One of this year’s most spectacular pieces is this A.JAFFE Seasons of Love engagement ring. Unlike most three stones, this ring showcases three pear cut diamonds. Doing so evokes a uniquely beautiful and chic aesthetic.

Emerald Cut Elegance Ring

Emerald Cut Elegance

Emerald cut diamonds are sophisticated and rare, making up less than 4% of all diamonds on the market. Their exquisite shape creates an infinite hallway effect, a truly mesmerizing light display. Note that these gems must be of the highest quality. The emerald cut’s elongated facets showcase inclusions like no other stone.

These incredible stones deserve to be shown off, such as in this A.JAFFE Classics ring. It features a bright emerald cut setting accentuated by a slender but brilliant band. Beautiful pave lines the ring, conveying glamor and splendor.

Find the Season’s Best Engagement Rings

Find the Season’s Best Engagement Rings at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

You deserve the best, which is why you need to head to Albert’s Diamond Jewelers. Our luxurious selection of the season’s most desired engagement rings and wedding bands is second to none. Head to our Schererville jewelry store to see everything we have to offer. We also provide fantastic services like jewelry and watch repair. This includes resizing, clasp repair, cleaning, refurbishing, and more. Email us at CustomerService@AlbertsJewelers.com to learn more.