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Take Her Breath Away With a Stunning Anniversary Wedding Band

August 5th, 2021

Stunning Anniversary Wedding Band

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift for the love of your life can be a bit overwhelming. Flowers, a lovely necklace, a weekend away? The choices are practically endless. The best option is to do what feels right and give a gift that is sure to put a smile on their face—a beautiful anniversary band reminiscent of your wedding day.

Anniversary wedding bands are emotional gifts that come in a variety of options to express your love in a style that your wife is sure to cherish. This memento can be worn daily as a thoughtful reminder of the wonderful years that have passed or on special occasions to honor a big anniversary. Explore these styles to find a band to celebrate any anniversary, whether it is your first year together or a milestone occasion.

Eternity Band

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Say “I love you” with diamonds. Commemorate a ten-year anniversary with an exquisite diamond band. An eternity band with stunning diamonds set along the shank is a deeply symbolic and meaningful gift with a continuous line of stones representing everlasting love and faithfulness.

Consider giving the love of your life this classic A. Jaffe eternity band. Prongs cradle each brilliant round stone in a delicate embrace with minimal metal, allowing the light to catch from every angle. The result is a radiating sparkle that will take her breath away.

Infinity Band

Tell Her You Love Her to Infinity

While an eternity band symbolizes forever, an infinity band takes it one step further. Intertwining shanks signify the blending of two lives into a gorgeous ring that sparkles with the fire of dazzling diamonds. This platinum diamond infinity band incorporates intertwining bands with pave-set round stones joined with larger round stones nestled in bezel settings.

Yellow Gold Band

All That Glitters Is Gold

Gift your love a simple, timeless gold wedding band that never goes out of style. Embellished bands can be adorned with delicate gemstones or carved with an intricate pattern to add flair to the design. They can be worn alone on the right hand or stacked with your engagement ring and other wedding bands. This stunning Gabriel & Co. stackable band brings tradition and romance to an anniversary with polished yellow gold and sparkling round diamonds set halfway around the shank.

14k White Gold Five Stone Anniversary Band

Let Me Count the Ways

Commemorate each passing year with a wedding band that features the same number of stones as time spent married. Five stone rings are the perfect way to celebrate the fifth anniversary, with a diamond for each year delicately set into a gorgeous band of white or yellow gold.

Consider this striking 14k white gold five stone anniversary band with round diamonds that wrap halfway around the band. The diamonds in this band are lab grown offering impeccable quality and costing significantly less than their naturally mined counterparts.

Venetian wedding band

A Nest of Diamonds

Nested ring stacks are another popular choice. Many women love the look of a series of rings placed together creating a cohesive set. These delicate rings are characterized by a curved band or chevron dip, creating a crown-like effect as they cradle the beautiful center stone of the engagement ring. This intricate Venetian wedding band designed with vintage details is irresistibly romantic with delicate filigree and brilliant diamonds embellished on the underside of the ring.

14k Rose Gold Band

Don’t Forget the Right Hand

While it is often assumed that an anniversary wedding band must accompany the engagement ring on the left hand, opting for a ring on the right hand allows the ring to properly stand out like this diamond lattice-designed 14k rose gold band. Its alluring vintage silhouette is meant to be worn as a standalone ring in order to garner the full attention that it deserves.

Discover the Beauty of Anniversary Wedding Bands at Alberts

At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers we understand the importance of honoring life’s special occasions and commemorating a wedding anniversary is an important one. Our Schererville jewelry showroom, located just thirty minutes from downtown Chicago, offers an impressive selection of anniversary bands from top designers. We have a talented team of expertly trained associates waiting to help you explore our collections. Schedule an appointment for your personalized shopping experience.