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Summertime 2022 Jewelry Picks

May 5th, 2022

Summertime 2022 Jewelry Picks

Summer is a time of sunny days and pleasant evenings. After months of bleak cold and bitter winds, it is finally time for adventure and deep breaths of nature. New jewelry trends are as hot as the season. Some accessories are no longer fashionable, while others are finally having their time in the runway light. Luckily, the masters at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers are here to help with some picks of fashion jewelry that will be great to wear this summer.

Two-Tone Knot cuff

Cuffs of Courage

This season, cuffs are popular. These lovely pieces span the whole length of one’s wrist but are distinct in that they have openings on the back. There is a huge variety of this style. Thick or thin, minimalist or maximalist, cuffs bring a uniquely dramatic and complete aesthetic. Larger pieces seem to be more widespread, but whatever you like the most will do just fine.

Some people opt for a spectacular and bold look, favoring the loud and proud over the subtle and understated. For them, this Lagos Newport Two-Tone Knot cuff has 18k yellow gold and high-quality sterling silver. To make things more interesting, it is imbued with a plethora of bright and radiant diamonds.

sterling silver double twist drops

Stylish Silver Earrings

Silver has long been appreciated for its elegance, sophistication, and understated beauty. For millennia, this gorgeous metal has been used in luxury jewelry. To make it easier to work with, people use sterling silver. A combination of pure silver and other metals, it retains the appearance and sheen of its namesake while being harder and more durable. Silver earrings come in a variety of styles, so they can suit anyone’s tastes.

We at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers offer our own in-house collections to our customers. These sterling silver double twist drops are effortlessly fashionable, trendy, and breathtaking.

10k yellow gold 22-inch Figaro chain

Charming Chains

Chain necklaces are iconic. Large chunky chains have been admired and desired this past year, which hasn’t changed this summer. More slender pieces are coming back, owing to the heat and sunshine that can make their more substantial variations uncomfortable. One thing that makes these pieces unique is that they are perfect for stacking and coordinating with other necklaces.

Our 10k yellow gold 22-inch Figaro chain is a marvelous, showstopping piece that can accentuate any outfit. Its intricate metalwork is a true sight to behold, with its unorthodox links and high-fashion design.

gemstone choker

Gemstone Chokers

Chokers are short necklaces that cling on to the neck rather than hang around the collar bone. Gemstone chokers are distinct in that they exhibit colorful jewels like rubies, topazes, and amethyst. Their ease of wear and edgy look makes them perfect and popular this summer.

This radiant crystal choker by Olivia Burton is colorful, enchanting, and affordable. It's a must-have for daily outfits with its strong sterling silver construction.

Celebrate Summer in 2022 With Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Celebrate Summer in 2022 with Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers is the perfect place to start your summer. We have served Indiana through our Schererville showroom for decades. With an extensive inventory of all of the finest designer brands, we have what your wardrobe needs and deserves. Whether you opt for modern or vintage jewelry, we can fulfill all of your most unrestrained desires. We also provide jewelry appraisers and repair. To learn more, give us a call at (219) 322-2700 to speak with one of our trained, experienced professionals.