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Staple Jewelry Items To Complete Your Outfit

September 20th, 2017

Staple Jewelry Items To Complete Your Outfit

Written By: Joseph S. Pete, The Times

As a diamond jeweler in Chicago, Albert's Diamond Jewelers is ready to incorporate the jewelry you need into your everyday lifestyle.

When thinking about what items to purchase, make sure you follow some guidelines. After all, you want to wear the jewelry, not let it collect dust in a box somewhere.

  • - Choose Simple Items: your core jewelry style should be simple, making any choice able to blend in with the outfit you pick for the day. You don't want your statement item to overshadow your outfit—you want it to stand out just the right amount.
  • - Be Versatile: If you are attending an event that has a dress code or an occasion in which you have to look classy and sophisticated, versatile jewelry pieces may be the finishing touch you didn't know you needed.
  • - Keep Texture At A Minimum: Plain metals like gold, silver, and titanium, can add timeless and seasonal flair without being "too much."

From everyday outfits to formal wear, we need staple jewelry items to complete our looks. The following items are a must-have addition to your wardrobe, allowing you to add a gorgeous accent when you dress your absolute best.

Chunky/Statement Necklace

If you favor a casual look from day to day, statement necklaces can add that extra flare to make your outfit stand out. Whether you are wearing a T-shirt with a jean jacket, or a knitted sweater in the cold, winter months, adding a statement necklace ties your outfit together and allows you to stand out.

A Classy Watch

Watches work well with a number of outfits. Timepieces are a mix of functionality and style combined, and can often be overlooked. When looking for the perfect watch, make sure you think about design, quality, timeless appeal, and innovation. A watch is an investment that you'll be happy to have, and want to last for decades.

Stack Friendly Rings

You can purchase a handful of mix-and-match rings, varying in thickness and design, which allows you to stack them up however you please—or even wear them individually. Include different metal types and colorful gems to complement any other piece of jewelry you decide to wear with it.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are predominantly worn on the right hand and are intended for specific occasions. As a piece of jewelry that is larger than a normal ring and most likely contains a colored gem or diamonds, it is designed to attract attention. This ring is a great addition to add to your formal wear for a night out or a special occasion.

A Gold Chain

A long, gold chain necklace can give your outfit elegant vibes when worn singularly. You can also layer the chain with other necklaces to give off a bit of a bohemian style. No matter how you wear it, a gold chain is timeless and will be a part of your jewelry box for decades to come.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces vary in length, can go with just about any outfit, and never go out of style. For example, a choker length pearl necklace is perfect for casual and formal fashion while a pearl rope necklace—about 40" long—can be roped into three loops or even tied with a feminine knot. A pearl necklace is a versatile piece to be worn whenever you please.

Diamond Studs

A woman's wardrobe calls for sparkling, diamond studs. Add some charm and allure to your fashion choices with diamond studs, perfect for any occasion. Outfit of the day or formal party at night? Choose the studs to elevate your look every time.

Custom Design Piece

At Albert's, we can help you create custom jewelry work as we specialize in translating your ideas into beautiful works of art. Our flawless designs with a quality control process will guarantee that your item will last for generations to come. This could be the perfect staple item for you because you know it won't be found anywhere else. Be unique and original with one of our custom pieces.

When you are building your collection, your style may evolve. Preference can change, so it's important to take regular inventory of what you are wearing—or pieces you've neglected recently—so you can start updated and refreshing your collection. When you collect jewelry, you should want to wear it, so make sure you notice that when your style changes, your statement pieces change with them.

Albert's Diamond Jewelers offers a plethora of jewelry options, ready to meet your needs whether the event is just a walk in the park or an extravagant gala night. Contact our diamond jewelry store serving Chicago today to find out what staple jewelry items we have to offer you.