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Remounting Your Engagement Ring to Elevate Its Look

October 15th, 2021

Remounting Your Engagement Ring to Elevate

Over time, engagement rings can lose their bright luster, become loose, and, generally, have a slightly duller sheen compared to their original beauty. Whether you want to give your engagement ring a minor touch-up or a complete makeover, remounting may be just what you need.

Benefits of Remounting an Engagement Ring

Many engagement rings could benefit from remounting to give them a brighter and vibrant look. Remounting can involve altering any component, such as its setting or shank, so it can retain its beauty for longer.

For couples who are not sure whether they need remounting or not, here are a few instances when remounting is an option:

  • Ring repair: When a ring isn't able to protect its stone as well as it once could, it is time to ensure the setting is properly set. A professional jeweler can tighten the setting to prevent loose stones.
  • Customization: With a center stone in mind, any couple can give their ring a whole new look with diamond accents, halos, colorful gemstones, and other glimmering design elements.
  • Ring maintenance: If brides want to keep their vintage rings for longer, they may need to be remounted to extend their function and lifetime.
  • Design merge: For brides who want to combine elements of two rings — such as an heirloom piece and a modern design — into one, a remounting can create a new and improved version.

When considering a remount, couples should establish a budget to see how many additions they can afford. They should choose their jeweler wisely to ensure the designer can complete their vision.

Diamond-encrusted Accents Ring

Diamond-Encrusted Accents

Adding diamond accents to a simple engagement ring is one of the most common remounting options for couples. Brides can add diamonds on the shank, bridge, or surrounding the center stone. It's all fair game. Adding diamond accents can improve the radiance of the ring without having to invest in a larger diamond.

Halo Setting Ring

Angelic Delights

Allow a concentric and bright halo of stones to hug the center stone in a dramatic and awe-inspiring fashion. A halo setting can give the illusion of having a larger stone with its diamond border sitting flush or just below the center stone.

Three-stone Setting Ring

Diamond Trio

If the center tone is feeling a little lonely, a three-stone setting provides it with a bit of company. Representing the past, present, and future, a three-stone setting elegantly frames the center stone with matching or colorful gemstones to adorn the finger.


For brides who like to make a grand entrance, big and dramatic details and settings can create a loud statement. Couples can switch the center stone to a shank with several rows of diamonds to amplify its sparkling effect. Or, they can go with a wide band and a unique engraving to celebrate their love in style. Changing up the stone’s surroundings on a dramatic level can give the wearer a boost in confidence.

Remount Your Engagement Ring at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Give your engagement ring the royal treatment. Set up a diamond consultation with one of our jewelry professionals at Albert's Diamond Jewelers in Schererville, Indiana. We'd be happy to educate you about diamonds, settings, and other ring aspects so you can select a ring that checks all of your boxes.