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Now Trending: Oversize Eternity Wedding Bands

August 1st, 2018

Now Trending: Oversize Eternity Wedding Bands

The wedding band symbolizes the eternal bonding love between husband and wife. However, few wedding ring designs match this symbolization of eternal love quite as well as the eternity wedding band.

If you and your partner are looking for a wedding band, you may want to consider the ever-popular and utterly breathtaking eternity design.

What is an Eternity Wedding Band’

The idea of the eternity ring can be attributed to the ancient Egyptians as they sketched out the early concepts of these dazzling pieces of jewelry. Today, the eternity ring is known as being a simple metal band completely covered in glistening stones.

The stones of an eternity ring can vary; however, many eternity wedding band designers choose brilliant colorless diamonds.

While bridal jewelry trendsetters have praised the eternity ring for some time now, oversized eternity wedding bands have become particularly popular. Decked in diamonds and shamelessly glamorous, oversized eternity wedding bands have made their mark in the jewelry world.

What to Look for in an Eternity Wedding Band

Typically an eternity wedding band will have either round-cut or princess cut diamonds, placed in a bezel, prong, or pave setting. But in recent years, the style of an eternity wedding ring can be incredibly diverse, and many designers have put their spin on the ring's traditional look.

What to expect in an eternity wedding ring can all depend on your taste. For instance, if you lean towards more warmer tones in your jewelry, you may want to opt for something like A. Jaffe's yellow gold eternity rings in their Season of Love collection.

A Jaffe's Season of Love eternity rings break the mold as they twist the band so that it takes on the shape of an infinity symbol. These pieces are perfect for anyone looking for a wedding band that is exquisitely modern, and changes what people think about wedding bands.

Eternity Wedding Bands at Albert's Jewelers

Not every newlywed couple wants something drastically different. The traditional eternity wedding band design is stunning and can be just as breathtaking as a design that tries something different; Verragio is one designer that has stuck with tradition.

Verragio's eternity wedding bands are an elegant tribute to this popular design. Wrapped in brilliant diamonds, and sometimes accented by a rose gold band, these rings are a perfect example of what a wedding ring should look like; simple yet unforgettably beautiful.

Eternity Wedding Bands at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Not every jeweler recognizes the symbolic power of the eternity wedding band quite like Albert's Diamond Jewelers. At our Schererville and Merrillville, Indiana showrooms we carry a plethora of eternity wedding rings, as well as other top designer bridal jewelry pieces.

As well as bridal jewelry, we also provide our visitors with fine fashion jewelry, Swiss-made timepieces, and GIA-certified loose diamonds. Since 1905, we have provided the nearby towns of Chicago, Munster, Highland, Gary, Lansing, Willowbrook, and Griffith with some of the best in fine jewelry. Our skilled staff are incredibly passionate about jewelry and are ready and willing to provide professional jewelry services like onsite appraisals, jewelry repair, and watch repair.

So, if you're looking to pick up an eternity wedding band, or have some questions about our products and services, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (219) 322-2700 or visit one of our Indiana showrooms today.