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Keep These 4 Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends on Your Radar

February 10th, 2021

Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends

Are you looking to liven up your jewelry rotation? Then feast your eyes on these spring 2021 fashion jewelry trends. Spring 2021 is about expressive styles, transfixing colors, sizeable pieces, and baroque modes. Since the layers are coming off and the weather is warming up, quench your thirst with these spring trends. As a bonus—find out which celebrities and influencers are sporting these styles!

So Blingy, There's Nothing To Do But Love It

What's trending this spring? The bold and the blingy. This is not the season to see a glittering piece you absolutely love and then hesitate, wondering if it's too much. You see it, you love it, you wear it!

Julie Sari�ana, an IG influencer with nearly 6 million followers in tow, was filled with anticipation for Valentine's Day. She sported huge, heart shaped diamond earrings paired with a comfy gray and pink sweater. 

Chain Links, Chain Links Everywhere

Chain Links

Chain link necklaces and bracelets are staple pieces that belong in everyone's jewelry box. Add chain link statement rings and drop earrings if you relish pushing the limits. This style is revered for its dynamic appeal. Whether you're dressing up or dressing casual, it always works.

Zendaya is known to sport chain link necklaces and bracelets when she steps out on the scene. Not only did she don a yellow gold chain link bracelet for her 2021 GQ profile, but she can be seen wearing a yellow gold chain link necklace and bracelet in her New Year's Eve IG post. She stuns in a gray androgynous look.

If It's Not Baroque … Don't Wear It!

Baroque pearls are at the top of spring 2021 fashion jewelry trends. They are delicate, curious, and elegant. A twist on a classic style! Add a feminine touch to any outfit with a baroque pearl necklace.

Harry Styles doesn't just wear pearls. He loves them. They're practically his signature style at this point. Having worn traditional round pearls with jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and beneath the collar, he can now be seen donning a simple baroque pearl necklace in his "Golden" music video. Paired with a yellow floppy hat, the whole look is free and easy.

Relish the Rainbow

Rainbow Jewelry

The most precious trend this spring is rainbow hues. These blended, bold colors are enchanting. It adds adventurous and carefree vibes to any outfit. Finally, after this year we have all experienced, it's nice to see something truly delightful.

Influencer Katerina Perez models a truly breathtaking rainbow hue cuff bracelet in her IG gallery. Regal and playful, the wideband cuff is covered in rainbow hue gemstones. At the top sits a huge magenta gemstone. 

Get Your Hands on These Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends

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