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How to Maintain a Watch’s Value

April 5th, 2022

How to Maintain a Watch’s Value

Timepieces can last for generations. These exquisite pieces are built from the hardiest of materials and designed by the most skilled designers. People have long appreciated vintage styles, ensuring that these pieces will remain ever in style. As such, these enchanting pieces retain their value for generations, so long as they are properly taken care of. Due to the intricacy of these marvels, there is a lot more needed to keep them in shape than wiping them with a cloth. Here are a few ways to make sure that your priceless pieces remain so.

Keep Watches Clean

Keep It Clean

It is paramount to keep the watch clean, especially if you wear it. Humidity and sweat can build up and tarnish the complex, delicate gears and metals. Dust, sand, and grime are also threats to the watch’s value. If you have a stainless steel or water-resistant watch, a simple gentle soap bath is recommended every month or so.

With pieces featuring leather straps and precious metals, a dry or damp cloth works best. Make sure you don’t submerge the watch fully in water — just ensure there is no debris stuck in the watch’s crevices. A dry toothbrush is excellent at removing debris from the crevices of your timepiece.

Retain Watch's Original Design

Retain Its Original Design

Alterations may be popular, but they can actually harm the integrity of the watch. You may find that an off-brand strap matches the color better or else suits your lifestyle, but it can harm the long-term value of the timepiece. More extensive alterations, like dial replacement, devalue it even more.

Furthermore, many of these replacement pieces are inauthentic, which is a sure way to tarnish the watch’s value. Resist altering your pieces unless it is absolutely necessary to the watch’s function.

Store Watches Properly

Store It Superbly

Always store the timepieces in a cool, dark, and dry place. A safe in the closet, the bottom of a drawer, or in the box you originally received it in are all great spots. Heat, sunlight, and humidity can damage the watch. Heat may warp the intricate metalwork while humidity can cause rust and grime buildup. It may also be wise to make sure that the watch is stored in a protected place, so as to make sure it won’t be stolen.

Make sure to keep everything that comes with the watch when you purchase it. This includes the certificate of authenticity, a catalog, and its fancy box. These also have serial numbers and other information. It is highly recommended to record the serial number in case the watch is stolen. If the stolen timepiece is resold, the store will likely check the serial number. Not only will the thief be caught – you might even get the watch back.

Keep Your Timepiece Valuable

Keep Your Timepiece Valuable at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

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