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How to Choose the Best Time to Propose This Year

December 25th, 2021

Best Time to Propose This Year

Our mission is to help you plan the perfect proposal. It is the defining moment of the relationship and sets the tone for the rest of your life. No pressure, right? Check out these tips from our jewelry professionals to find out how you can choose the best time to propose this year.

When Is the Perfect Day to Propose’

Choosing the perfect date to propose is inherently challenging without the input of your loved one. After all, it's a surprise, and you are expected to know precisely how to make your loved one feel cherished. Yet, despite our best efforts, things do not always go according to plan.

There may be challenges no matter what date you set for the proposal. You need to adapt and stay calm at all times. Keep a backup plan in mind. Even if everything goes wrong, you can always propose another day or at a different location.

When choosing a special date to propose, be flexible in your plans. Set a date on a special anniversary, during a holiday, near a birthday, or on another meaningful day. Here, we give you a few ideas to help you finalize your proposal plans.

On a Cherished Anniversary

We all have those special dates in our hearts that make us nostalgic for our cherished memories. Celebrating your proposal on a special day can make your proposal even more special. You may choose to get down on one knee the day you first kissed, or the first time you said: “I love you.” Choosing to propose on an anniversary shows you remembered and want to build on the special memories you have shared.

Engaged Couple

Close to a Birthday

Birthdays are perfect covers for the backdrop of a proposal, especially if you plan to go all-out. For example, let's say you want to propose at Disneyland or the top of the Eiffel Tower; it would not be suspicious at all to plan a trip to Paris or their favorite theme park for their birthday.

Even if you are not going for extravagance, you can celebrate in a more intimate manner. A romantic dinner where you can pop the question and share your special moment with everyone. You may even get special treatment from the restaurant.

During the Holidays

Like birthdays, holidays are a special moment of the year filled with merry and joy. New Year's Day is one of the most popular proposal dates symbolizing fresh beginnings and excitement. Perhaps your loved one prefers to get proposed under a blanket of snow in December or on Christmas day.

Fall Proposal

During Spring

In the spirit of rebirth and renewal, spring brings romance and love. Take a refreshing walk among flower fields or plan a decked-out picnic in a picturesque locale. Spring is one of the most romantic seasons to propose.

During Fall

When the leaves begin to fall, and everyone starts to bundle up in their favorite knit sweaters, it can be the perfect time to pop the big question, especially among a picture-perfect forest of colorful leaves. Talk about a fairytale romance.

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