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Dazzling Duos: Our Favorite Diamond Bracelet and Earring Combinations

October 15th, 2023

A woman dressed in formalwear admires her ornate diamond earrings.

Elevating your ensemble to a new level of sophistication, the art of pairing exquisite diamond accessories creates a harmonious symphony of sparkle and allure. Whether you're aiming for a red-carpet glamor or seeking the perfect touch of refinement for your everyday outfits, our handpicked combinations are designed to guide you in achieving a chic and captivating look that radiates timeless beauty. Explore our recommendations below and embark on a journey to effortlessly enhance your personal style with these meticulously crafted diamond duos.

A pair of baguette diamond hoop earrings with a baguette diamond bangle.

Matching Stone Shapes

Matching diamond cuts within your jewelry choices unveils a level of sophistication that goes beyond mere coordination. Take, for instance, these exquisite baguette cut diamond hoop earrings from Shy Creation, flawlessly matched with this breathtaking baguette cut diamond bracelet by the same designer. This pairing is a testament to your meticulous eye for detail, as it seamlessly weaves together the shared geometry and mesmerizing sparkle of baguette diamonds. The parallel lines and sleek facets of these cuts echo each other's elegance.

A pair of gold chain earrings with a gold paperclip chain bracelet with diamond accents.

Timeless Textures

Infuse your dazzling look with timeless allure by artfully incorporating classic textures, such as the iconic chain, into your ensemble. This pairing exemplifies your prowess in melding tradition with contemporary elegance, as the intricate patterns create a sense of movement and depth within your jewelry ensemble. Through this masterful fusion of elements, you showcase your ability to appreciate the beauty of the ages while effortlessly embracing the modern, yielding a look that is at once timeless and utterly current.

A pair of mixed metal earrings with a mixed metal bracelet.

Mixing Metals

Elevate your style by expertly melding the art of mixing metals into your jewelry repertoire, creating a look that is both visually captivating and subtly nuanced. Embark on a journey of contrast and sophistication with these LAGOS knotted earrings, seamlessly paired with a diamond mixed metal bracelet from our in-house selection. The fusion of yellow gold and white gold in both pieces results in a harmonious interplay of warm and cool tones, adding depth and dimension to your ensemble. The knotted earrings showcase an intricate dance of colors that perfectly mirrors the alternating segments of the diamond bracelet, each capturing and reflecting light in its own unique way.

A woman wearing a diamond tennis bracelet pours green tea into cups

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