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Everything You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

June 17th, 2019

Everything You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a romantic keepsake that reminds you of your lifelong commitment with your significant other. There comes a certain time when the stars align and it's more than possible to upgrade your first engagement ring to something that reflects your current personal style.

Any ring, whether it's an heirloom piece or a romantic gift, can be upgraded, but it's important to know what areas to upgrade and how to get the best value for your trade-in. Most importantly, upgrading your engagement ring could cause hurt feelings. It's important to do your research on upgrading your engagement ring and approach the process carefully with your partner.

Reasons for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

There are many reasons why someone would want to upgrade their engagement ring, all of which differ from person to person. People may want to change one or two aspects of the ring or completely revamp it. For complete overhauls, it may be wiser to purchase a new ring, although this may cause your partner to feel like they chose the wrong engagement ring.

Over time, people's tastes and finances changes. You may have bought your ring when you couldn't afford anything more expensive. An improved financial situation can be a great reason to upgrade a ring that requires work or simply needs a makeover. It's important to let your partner know that the upgrade doesn't change how much you love and appreciate them and the ring they chose.

Upgrading an engagement ring can also be done by trading in components of the ring like gemstones or rings without gemstones. Whether you want to change the style of your ring, upgrade to a larger stone, or choose a more ethically-conscious engagement ring, there are many ways to go about upgrading your engagement ring.

Different Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Upgrading your engagement ring can include replacing the center stone or adding more detail and side stones on the band. One of the most popular upgrades to the engagement ring is replacing the center stone. When looking for an upgraded center stone, choose diamonds with a good cut and clarity. If needed, sacrifice on clarity for diamonds with blemishes not visible to the naked eye. Some center stones can also be cut into a variety of new shapes.

Others may want to improve the engagement ring's band. You may already love your current center stone, but not your band. Change up your band's metals for a completely transformed look. You can also have your gold redipped for a more lustrous sheen. Another option you have is adding pavé set stones on the band for more diamond sparkle.

Changing a setting can also significantly improve the aesthetics of your engagement ring. A classic setting can be replaced with a bezel setting. Changing up to a larger stone may also require a change of setting to accommodate the bigger size.

How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Upgrading your engagement ring requires some research and comparing the trade-in values of many diamond and jewelry vendors. Some jewelers offer "full-grade upgrades" for diamond rings, but often this isn't the best deal since you'll end up overpaying for the new diamond. The jeweler you choose will determine the value of your ring.

The first step to upgrading your engagement ring is determining the value of your diamond and ring. Ask for a complimentary professional assessment to compare the trade-in options of different jewelers. You can sell certain components or trade-in the entire ring and use the money to buy a new piece. Keep in mind, engagement ring prices depreciate after purchase.

After comparing trade-in values, decide on what areas of the engagement ring you want to upgrade. If replacing the stone, ensure the stone is GIA certified. Simpler renovations may include resetting a stone or adding side stones or color gemstones to the current setting.

Once you have chosen most of the areas you'd like to improve, bring in your partner to make the final decisions. It may hurt your partner's feelings that you want to upgrade, but remind them that your decision does not change how much you appreciate them and the original engagement ring. Stick to a budget together and don't rush your decision.

Upgrading Engagement Ring by Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

There's no shame to upgrading your engagement ring to something more your style. However, if and when you do choose to upgrade, it's crucial to do preliminary research to avoid getting ripped off by jewelers.

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