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Everything You Need to Know About Halo Rings

May 10th, 2017

Do you love the halo? Well, we certainly do. A personal favorite of ours, the halo engagement ring has once again risen in popularity in the United States. It's timeless elegance and versatility make it one of the most sought-after looks in current jewelry fashions. And while we can't account for the resurgence in popularity, we can show you the extensive collection of designer engagement rings available at both our Merrillville and Schererville Albert's Diamond Jewelers' locations.

As authorized retailers of such top-quality designer names including A. JaffeHenri Daussi, Verragio, we are proud to present a truly exhaustive collection of halo engagement rings. We love halos so much, we even carry some in our own line, Albert's Collections.

A Brief History of the Halo

The halo engagement ring was first introduced during the Art Deco period in the 1920's. Its appearance is thought to have coincided with the beginning of Hollywood's Golden Age, architectural innovations, and the intense glamour associated with the time. Fashion forward designs involved an increase in diamond adornments and glitzy show.

What is it’

For those unfamiliar, the basic definition of a halo setting is one in which the center stone (in some cases multiple stones) are encircled by a series of smaller diamonds. Current designers have embraced the style due to its versatility and its fascinating look.

Advantages of Owning a Halo Engagement Ring

Absolutely gorgeous, the halo style engagement ring is extremely fashionable right now. In our opinion, the pros of owning a halo ring outweigh the cons. Let's look at only some of the reasons we love halos.

Appearance: That's right, because the halo setting wraps itself around the center stone, the ring pleasingly appears larger to the naked eye.

Price: Couples can rejoice! Since the halo helps create the look of a larger diamond, couples do not have to shop for a center stone with heavier karat weight. Halos are the economic choice for brides-to-be who still want the glamour of a larger stone without the karat weight concern.

Sparkle: The additional diamonds of the halo help create a maximum sparkle effect. The miniscule refractions of all the smaller diamonds work to enhance the sparkly brilliance of the center stone and the ring.

Versatility: The most appealing aspect of the halo ring (besides its appearance), is its flexibility. The halo ring looks wonderful in any number of ways. Halos can be worked into any diamond cut and can be adorned with a multitude of other ring settings such as pave bands, three stone, or solitaires.

If the halo is not your only favorite engagement ring look, it is highly likely that you can find all your preferred settings in one of the many collections available at Albert's.

Types and Settings Available at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Round Cuts

One of the most classic looks for halos, the round cut compliments the halo perfectly. It is infinitely mesmerizing and looks sophisticated with a pave band like in this A. Jaffe stunner from their Metropolitan collection, MES322-125. The round cut halo is one of the most popular halo designs available from our designers.

Multiple Halo

If you are a diehard halo fan, it is unlikely that you will find fault in our assortment of multiple halo bands. Included in our selection of multi-tiered halo settings, we have this wonderful Engagement Ring RE-6304 from Cien Amore, with two bands. For the truly bold, other designers carry rings with up to three halo rings.

Split Shank

The split shank refers to the separation of the band at the shank area (the area near the center stone). Intricate milgrain split shank like the variety that comes from Verragio's Parisian collection including the ring above, D-109P-Gold, are an ultra-chic way to adorn the halo. While this Verragio engagement ring has a split pave band, others stick to the sleek look of the precious metal itself.


There ways in which halo rings can be worn are endless. The innovators at A. Jaffe continue to impress young brides with their array of spectacular halo rings. From the charming floral halo in their Seasons of Love Engagement Ring MES560-188, to the hauntingly beautiful Engagement Ring MES283-38, A. Jaffe and the rest of the designer names we carry are time tested winners.

Stunning as they are ageless beauties, there is no appropriate comparison to the dazzling, the awe-inspiring, the breathtaking, halo engagement rings. Come into one of our stores today to see if you can avoid falling in love with one of them. We simply can't get enough!

Shop With Us!

Are you ready to commit to the halo? Well, we recommend you visit our " Contact Us" page to shoot us an email, call us at 800.946.1491, or better yet, come see the illustrious halos for yourself at either one of our palatial Albert's Diamond Jewelers proudly serving the Merrillville and Schererville areas since 1905. With a halo or with any other setting, our jewelry specialists are eager to help you find your perfect engagement ring match!