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Every 2019 Engagement Ring Trend You Need to Know About This Year

January 14th, 2019

Every 2019 Engagement Ring Trend You Need to Know About This Year

Bridal jewelry is a commitment. As a category of jewelry that often must be versatile enough to go with every outfit a woman owns, one would naturally strive to choose one that is en vogue enough to complement any ensemble. Many soon-to-be fiancÃ�©s comes to us asking what the latest 2019 engagement ring trend is and how they can find a ring that is chic enough to keep up with the times.

With spring just around the corner and love very much in the air, we at Albert's Diamond Jewelers are bracing ourselves for the cavalcade of confused men searching for the perfect engagement to win her heart forever. This style guide is our way of compiling every 2019 engagement ring trend in one convenient place.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Fancy Cuts

A. Jaffe Classic Collection Engagement Ring

What is a fancy-cut diamond? The term refers to any diamond that isn't cut round brilliant-style. This can include asscher-cut diamonds, pear-cut diamonds, oval-cut diamonds, or a number of others. A. Jaffe's Classics collection is chock full of fancy-cut engagement rings. This modern east-west style halo engagement ring is one of many to choose from.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Yellow Gold

Albert's Collection Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

A yellow gold engagement ring will make any girl feel like royalty. This ornate yellow gold engagement ring from our own Albert's Collection features a braided, interloping band studded with nearly a quarter carat of side stones.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Double Bands

A. Jaffe Metropolitan Engagement Ring

Classic styles get a wake-up call when another band enters the picture. This double-banded engagement ring from A. Jaffe's Metropolitan series is one iconic example. The dueling bands make a powerful statement and are luxe as all-get-out.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

A. Jaffe Vintage Engagement Ring

With so much emphasis placed on sleekness and modernity, vintage engagement rings offer a sense of warmth and humanity. Regal to the core, this lacy vintage engagement ring by A. Jaffe is the epitome of this 2019 engagement ring trend.

Find the 2019 Engagement Ring Trend of Your Dreams at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

With a brand-new year comes a menagerie of exciting new trends to choose from; we can definitely understand how some may find the ocean of options at one's disposal more than bit overwhelming. Luckily, our expert team at Albert's Diamond Jewelers is more than happy to provide a bit of guidance.

If you're planning on proposing this January and choosing the perfect 2019 engagement ring trend for your special somebody is on your agenda, booking a consultation is as easy as filling out this convenient online form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.