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Early Christmas Shopping Ideas

October 15th, 2022

Early Christmas Shopping Ideas

There’s no better Christmas gift than jewelry. With sparkling brilliance and enchanting radiance, these exquisite accessories are as bright as fresh-fallen snow. Jewelry’s reputation for luxury and value is unequaled, ensuring that every gift is unforgettable. Some pieces, however, make for better presents than others. Learn how to make Christmas perfect with these jewelry ideas from Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

14k White Gold Hoops

A White Gold Christmas

Many people dream of a white Christmas. Snow is glittering and mesmerizing, a true show of nature’s majesty (until it becomes a chore in January, at least). For now, celebrate a white Christmas with a white gold accessory. This alloy is a mixture of gold and other elements. For an added silvery sheen, some add rhodium plating. Rhodium brightens the color as well as begets a more brilliant radiance.

This pair of 14k white gold hoops is sophisticated and enchanting. These earrings feature stunning intricate metal work that produces a vivid, dynamic look. They pair well with any outfit, ensuring that the recipient will wear the gift often.

Amethyst Fashion Ring

Make Every Piece Unique with Gemstones

It’s essential to personalize every gift for the recipient. It shows that you can care in a more profound way than simply giving them a present. One great method to personalize a present is by including their birthstone. Birthstones were first conceptualized in Ancient Rome and remain a jewelry tradition today.

For someone born in February, this amethyst fashion ring is exceptional. Its vibrant purple center amethyst is flanked by two small, brilliant diamonds, allowing for a uniquely glamorous piece. The white gold helps elevate the ring’s expressive beauty.

18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Bangle

Shiny Stocking Stuffers

While stocking stuffers may be seen as “lesser gifts,” that does not need to be true. Why not turn the tables by adding precious jewelry to the mix? By choosing small-box items like fashion rings and earrings, you can make a stocking the centerpiece of the holiday season.

For an unforgettable stocking stuffer, try this 18k yellow gold and diamond bangle. It has the signature design details of the famed Roberto Coin, including the hidden ruby imbued on the inner band.

Sterling Silver Heart and Moon Necklace

Magic of Motifs

Motif jewelry is exceptional for conveying one’s personality and interests. As a gift, they reveal your intentions and feelings towards the recipient. A heart shows you love them, and, depending on the context, reveals romantic intent. Meanwhile, flowers are playful and pretty, as well as make perfect presents for nature enthusiasts and gardeners.

This glamorous sterling silver heart and moon necklace is an ideal present for those with a penchant for the eccentric. Its heart accent is romantic but playful, especially when paired with the crescent.

Celebrate Christmas Early

Celebrate Christmas Early at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

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