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Discussing Aquamarine, March's Birthstone

March 5th, 2020

Discussing Aquamarine, March's Birthstone

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and those who were born in the third month of the year have access to one of the most unique colors in the world of jewelry design. Aquamarine is the Latin word for "sea-water," and that's the perfect name for this pale blue, transparent stone. Having been treasured for millennia, it was selected for representing March—but there are so many more reasons why aquamarine is unique among gemstones, and at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, that's the topic we're going to be discussing today!

The Color

As mentioned, aquamarine is immediately distinguishable thanks to its bright blue color and transparency. You may not know, but aquamarine is a species of beryl. Beryl is, on its own, a perfectly clear stone, but when other ions are found in the crystal, it explodes into the most amazing colors— divalent iron (Fe2+), in this case, giving aquamarine its blue. But trivalent iron (Fe3+) turns beryl into golden-colored heliodor. Also, when chromium is the addition, beryl blooms into emerald! The aquamarine in your favorite gemstone fashion ring is a cousin of the timeless glamour of emeralds.

One of the designers whose pieces are a fixture of the Albert's Diamond Jewelers showcases is Le Vian. The popular designer of colored gemstone jewelry utilizes aquamarine in many of its pieces, and pairing it with the dark brown of its chocolate diamonds creates a remarkable contrast between "heaven and earth", as it were, showing how well the pale blue stone pairs with dark gems.

The Symbolism

It stands to reason that in a more magically inclined world, the color of aquamarine would be associated with water. The ancient Romans gave the gemstone its modern name because they believed it would protect sailors from the ocean. Your gemstone necklace may not have the power to do that, but by choosing an aquamarine puts you in the same company as the Egyptians, who carved the blue gemstone into symbols of peace, healing, and clarity.

Whether or not you choose aquamarine jewelry for its mystical purposes, it's still the birthstone for March—and if you're looking for a gift that really celebrates your special someone's life, looking into a piece of jewelry with this unique gem may be ideal.


On the Mohs scale, beryl (which includes aquamarine, heliodor, and emerald) sits at a 7.5 to 8 in hardness. This places it in an exclusive grouping of extremely hard stones. Only corundum and diamond are harder. If you've chosen to purchase a piece of aquamarine jewelry, it's a choice that would work well in engagement rings, fashion rings, or bracelets, since those types of jewelry are more often hit against hard surfaces—a thought to keep in mind while doing your shopping!

If you'd like to learn more about the aquamarine jewelry we showcase at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, or you'd like to learn more about making us your local jeweler, don't hesitate to contact our Schererville, Indiana showroom at (219)-322-2700, or our Merrillville, Indiana showroom at (219)-769-1976