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Discover Princess Cut Engagement Rings at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

October 5th, 2021

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut stones are the second-most-popular diamond shape, right after round cut diamonds, for soon-to-be newlyweds. Luxurious princess cut diamonds are inspired by vintage designs but have a highly favored contemporary appeal that adheres to the tastes of modern brides today. This guide from Albert’s Diamond Jewelers will reveal the reasons why many brides are drawn to the enchanting allure of princess cut engagement rings.

What Is a Princess Cut Stone’

A princess cut diamond is a square stone with a high level of fire and brilliance. This elegant shape is crafted from the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond. Through intricate cuts, princess cut stones are masterfully crafted to offer a sparkling radiance.

Princess cut diamonds, also known as square modified brilliant stones, usually have two to four chevron patterns. They are more affordable per carat compared to round cuts. They also have a remarkable level of contrast when moved from side to side, displaying a striking distinction between light and darkness in the ring.

What Type of Bride Would Love a Princess Cut Diamond’

Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for many different brides. Here are a few reasons why this diamond shape is ideal for every bride-to-be.

  • For the classic bride: Princess cut diamonds feature clean lines and crisp angles. For those looking for a simple and timeless shape, this is the ideal option.
  • For the edgy fashionista: Princess cut stones blend femininity with architectural silhouettes due to the stone’s sharp corners. Striking and elegant. This cut can complement an edgy style.
  • For the bride who wants it all: Princess cut diamonds offer an incredible level of sparkle and glamour. For brides that want the same level of brilliance as round stones with a chic appeal, go with a princess cut stone.
  • For the unique bride: A princess cut stone can make a statement in a solitaire ring or any other setting.

Top Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A princess cut diamond can blend in with a variety of different settings. Here are the top 3 princess cut engagement rings that are perfect for any couple.

Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring

1. Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Consider a classic solitaire ring, such as this Verragio Renaissance ring, which features a dynamic princess cut stone. Verragio gives this timeless style a contemporary twist with a radiant diamond tiara and signature Verragio lace, crest, and beading details. Elegant lines and curves complement the subtle but brilliant flashes of fire from the diamond.

Split Shank Princess Cut Engagement Ring

2. Split Shank Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Embrace the brilliance of this split shank white gold engagement ring from Gabriel & Co.’s Contemporary collection. It features a slim scalloped band with a split shank design and a majestic halo of brilliant diamonds. A simple and chic setting beautifully secures the center stone.

Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

3. Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This striking white and rose gold three stone ring has a vintage-style setting with a sparkling princess cut diamond as its center stone and two smaller princess cut stones on each side. Verragio’s signature beading and lace detail elegantly tie together every breathtaking element from its shank to its bridge and settings.

Shop Princess Cut Engagement Rings at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Find the princess cut engagement ring of your dreams with Albert’s Diamond Jewelers at our Schererville jewelry showroom in Indiana. We are thrilled to help you browse through our selection from the top designers in the industry. Stop by today so we can assist you and provide you with exquisite service. Make sure to schedule an appointment with a diamond specialist to learn all about diamonds and their shapes.