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Discover Fall 2020 Fashion Jewelry Trends

October 25th, 2020

Fall 2020 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Many of us view the fall season as an opportunity to revamp our current wardrobe, tossing out old and outmoded pieces and replacing them with the newest fall staples. While the return of sweater weather is surely a cause for celebration, there's one area of the closet that people often neglect: their jewelry boxes.

From statement necklaces to bold earrings, this season has plenty of excitement in store when it comes to all things shiny. Keep reading to learn about the most thrilling fall 2020 fashion jewelry trends.

Top Fall 2020 Fashion Jewelry Trends

The temperature has scarcely dropped in some parts of the country, but fall 2020 fashion jewelry trends are already taking off in a big way. Here are some of the hottest looks you can expect to see on runways and in stores:

Fall is Golden

Although white gold has been stealing the show this year, Fall 2020 is transitioning into warmer tones. Gold and rose gold jewelry pop with a background of autumn leaves and overcast skies. Warm and romantic, gold is a fashion trend that's sure to stick around for a while. For a truly modern feel, choose pieces with tri-tones and tubular shapes.

Fall 2020 Fashion Jewelry

Playful Hoops

Hoop earrings have been a favorite for decades, and with good reason. Immensely versatile, they come in a wide array of materials and sizes, so you can easily find a set to meet your needs. For Fall 2020, expect to see rose gold hoops as well as those featuring mixed metals. On-trend this year is square hoops and geometric shapes reimagining the classic hoop circle with a modern flair.

Bolo Bracelet

Inspired by that staple of western wear, the bolo tie, bolo bracelets tend to be thinner and more delicate than the traditional variety. Light and delicate, they can complement a wide array of styles and outfits. In true fall fashion, a layered look is always iconic and no bracelet layers better than the bolo. With a sinching tie fixture, the bracelet can fit snugly along any part of your wrist making room for other bracelets to layer on top.

Chevron Rings

Featuring a classic inverted V, the chevron or wishbone shape has origins dating back to 1800 BCE and it is still just as popular today. As a bonus, you can easily stack your chevron rings to create a striking set. Like a crown for your finger, the chevron ring is the perfect addition to your collection.

Fall 2020

Bold Gem Rings and Necklaces

Bold and colorful, gemstone rings have long been a popular choice among jewelry aficionados. This season moody gemstones like onyx, emerald, and moonstone are the perfect choice to add elegance and mystery to your everyday look. To keep up with the latest trends, pair your chunky gem pendant with a slender and elegant chain.

Designers to Know

Albert's Diamond Jewelers carries fall jewelry by the most popular and exciting designers working today. If you're looking for a bold jewelry line featuring plenty of fall hues, consider Kabana Jewelry. Boasting bracelets and rings made from deep-hued gems, the pieces also include whimsical touches like oyster shell inlays.

Another fun choice for fall, Kendra Scott jewelry wins hearts for its bold colors and southwestern flair. The earrings, rings, and necklaces making up this collection are made from high-quality materials and feature dazzling natural gemstones.

Find Fashion Jewelry at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Ready to upgrade your attire for autumn? At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of pieces showcasing the latest fall 2020 fashion jewelry trends. Once a tiny Chicago storefront, today we offer a broad array of pieces for every taste and budget. Shop online now or visit us to find something extraordinary.