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Diamonds Galore: A Jewelry Guide to the Brilliant Birthstone of April

March 15th, 2022

Diamonds Galore: A Jewelry Guide to the Brilliant Birthstone of April

Those born during the month of April have the blessing of being born during a time of rebirth. Beautiful flowers replenish the earth, animals return, and the weather is pleasantly warm. The birthstone of April is the brilliant diamond. The stone is said to represent eternal love, bring inner strength to those who wear it, and some still believe diamonds have healing energies. Diamonds are favorites for their lustrous glow and are beautiful additions to luxury jewelry. Here are a few of our favorite ways to adorn ourselves in amazing diamonds for April.

Glittering Diamond Necklaces

Glittering Diamond Necklaces

A fantastic way to add shimmer and shine to your outfits is with a stunning diamond necklace. As the temperatures rise and you can wear thinner layers, adding a pendant or station necklace on top will be noticeable and dance in the sunlight of April. Choose a short diamond chain to wear with your favorite sundress.

Diamond necklaces come in such a variety that you can find a design or symbol adorned with these incredible stones along with gemstones to accent certain necklaces. Owning multiple will allow you to mix and match all month long.

Diamond Earrings

April Drops of Diamonds

A pair of diamond earrings is a classic accessory. The vast amount of styles accented by diamonds ranges from the minimalistic to the eccentric. A pair of diamond studs is a subtle drop of elegance while drop earrings frame your face with light. Add sparkle to a casual outfit with diamond hoops or complete a dinner party look with a glittering set of huggies. The options are endless to adorn your ears with style and grace with any set of diamond earrings.

Sparkling Diamond Bracelets

Drape your wrists in diamond bracelets for sheer luxury. Bangles, cuffs, station, charm, and tennis bracelets all benefit from beautifully cut diamonds in elaborate or simplistic designs. Your personality unfolds like the petals on a blossoming flower as you accessories and make choices on how you wish to be seen. Having an assortment lets you explore different sides of your style and change outfits by just changing your jewelry. Allow your birthday month to be a time for you to shine, and diamonds will be the perfect accents.

Diamond Fashion Rings

Fashion Rings Ready to Shine

Diamond fashion rings are usually accented by gemstones and precious metal designs, but some stand firmly as right-hand diamond rings that command confidence. The glamor of diamonds is not just for bridal jewelry. Fill your jewelry box with an array of fabulous diamond rings to stack with other favorites or wear by itself. The love felt for this beautiful birthstone is widespread and April babies should adore this significant and naturally amazing precious stone.

Diamonds From Albert’s

Celebrate Your April Birthday with a Diamond from Albert’s

Make your April memorable by buying diamond jewelry at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers in Schererville. Founded in 1905, our family-owned and operated business supports our local community through donations and by always providing only the best service and products. As one of the largest showrooms in the country, we house some of the finest designers for bridal and fashion jewelry along with exceptional timepiece brands. Visit our showroom or call (219)-322-2700 for more information so that we may assist you.