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Designer Spotlight on Hulchi Belluni

February 15th, 2023

A woman drinking a cup of coffee wearing jeans, black heels, and a yellow gold and diamond bracelet

At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we stock our showroom with only the best designer brands. Doing so ensures that we continue to offer Schererville a vast and diverse selection of fine jewelry and timepieces. Our inventory showcases over a dozen of today’s most desirable designers. Hulchi Belluni is among our most beloved and popular designers. Their commitment to quality is equaled only by our own, and their history reveals a true passion for artistry and beautiful accessories. Learn about Hulchi Belluni and see all the sublime pieces they provide with our guide.

Close up image of a gold bangle with beading details and yellow diamonds

Origins and Approach

Founded in 2001 by jewelry maker Martine Hul, this Belgian brand started their journey by offering a jewelry line with precise detail and remarkable finishing, which proved to be an instant classic. Hul owes her success to her experience and dedication to her adherence to Feng Shui. The concept of “chi” is a major inspiration for her jewelry and imparts a unique and distinctive aesthetic to all of her brand’s pieces.

This 18k yellow gold and sapphire bracelet is a great example of Hulchi Belluni’s signature style. It exhibits fantastically textured metalwork resembling beads. One side is set with stunning yellow sapphires. These gemstones are chic and unique, evoking a spectacular shine.

Close up image of a silver bangle with beaded detail and a blue evil eye motif

Renaming and Creativity

The name Hulchi Belluni appears enigmatic, but it is actually quite simple. The first word combines the founder’s last name and the word chi. As mentioned before, chi is essential to the brand’s design philosophy. “Belluni” is a stylization of “bella luna,” or “beautiful moon.” To the founder, this is a source of energy, inspiration, and creativity.

Consider this 14k white gold diamond and sapphire evil eye bracelet. It showcases the iconic evil eye motif outline with dazzling, radiant gemstones. The bold sapphire pupil is wonderfully accentuated by several diamonds and bright white gold, creating a vibrant and vivid chic. Its band combines exquisite metalwork and beading with a sleek silhouette.

Close up image of a silver stretch bangle with diamonds inlaid all the way around it

Expansions and Innovation

They began their great expansion in 2006 by introducing Belluci jewelry, exhibiting almost invisible settings. These impossible-to-see settings allow for a distinctive high-end look that imparts a floating look to the gemstones. They’ve been developing this line ever since, allowing Hulchi Belluni to give the best to fans all over the world.

One of Hulchi Belluni’s most luxurious and opulent options is this 18k white gold and diamond bracelet. It showcases a band completely set with radiant colorless diamonds set in white gold, accentuating and brightening the gemstones. The brand’s distinctive approach to gemstone settings is on full display, as the diamonds exhibit a sophisticated but subtle sheen.

A single diamond bracelet on the wrist of a bride holding hands with her groom

Find Hulchi Belluni at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

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