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Creative Ways To Present A Jewelry Gift

July 15th, 2022

Creative Ways To Present A Jewelry Gift

Jewelry boxes are often quite distinctive and can give clues about their contents. When you are going for the element of surprise, you may want to opt for less conspicuous packing. You can ditch the packaging altogether and create an elaborate presentation. If your jewelry gift is for an extraordinary occasion, do not be afraid to pull out all the stops with these fun ideas from the team at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

Furry Friends

If your giftee is an animal lover, there are several ways you can incorporate this into creating an unexpected and unforgettable gift presentation. A sweet stuffed animal can be the perfect vehicle for a jewelry gift. Attach a ring to a ribbon around its neck or place a bracelet on its fuzzy wrist.

Find a way to attach the piece or jewelry box to their favorite pup or kitty’s collar. You might even go so far as to enlist live furry friends. It's helpful if the pet is well-behaved and you can be confident they will not take off with your expensive gift.

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Scavenger Hunt

Make an event of it! An elaborate scavenger hunt is perfect for an anniversary, milestone achievement, or birthday gift. Prolong their excitement and create a memory they won’t soon forget and that they will remember each time they wear your gift.

To craft the perfect scavenger hunt, make sure to include items, locations, and clues that hold special significance to both of you. This will certainly show how much you cherish your memories together.

Tricky Packaging for Jewelry Gifts at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Tricky Packaging

Opt for misleading and elaborate packaging for the giftee with a great sense of humor and appreciation for surprises. Create a nesting-doll effect with multiple boxes of different sizes. They will giggle with excitement and confusion when they open a box to reveal yet another.

Utilize engineering or sculpting skills to create a gift box that looks completely different, like a tennis racket or something distinctive in shape. Set up a discreet camera so you can catch their hilarious reaction and watch it back.

Box of Chocolates or Other Treats

Surprise them with a box of their favorite chocolates, donuts, or locally made pastries. They will be so grateful for the gift that they recognize and love that they won't expect the additional gift inside.

If your loved one is more of a floral bouquet than a sweets person, you could also find a clever way to tie the gift box around the bouquet’s stems or the vase you store them in.

Box of Chocolates or Other Treats

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