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Benchmark Men's Wedding Bands: Which Style Is Right for You’

September 10th, 2020

Benchmark Men's Wedding Bands: Which Style Is Right for You’

Men's wedding bands are no longer plagued by a lack of styles, designs, and options. Today's wedding band designs for men appeal to every personality and style. Whether you're into the classic wedding band or prefer something with a little more edge, there's bound to be a perfect fit for you or your loved one.

Benchmark is one of the leading men's wedding band designers. Sustainably sourced metals and one-of-a-kind designs make Benchmark a haven for the style-conscious man. Let's explore Benchmark's most popular collections for men.

Designer Spotlight: Benchmark

Since 1970, Benchmark has brought forth innovative wedding ring designs for men and women. Benchmark has always remained committed to sustainability and quality in its creations. Each design is proudly made in the USA from recycled materials. Platinum, palladium, and gold are just a few of the metal options available.

Even better, all Benchmark products are backed by their lifetime guarantee. That includes re-sizing and re-finishing your ring.

Benchmark's exceptional men's wedding band designs appeal to a wide range of sensibilities. Regardless of the collection you choose, they all feature one-of-a-kind designs. Each collection caters to a unique personality. Here, we'll break down Benchmark's most popular collection and who they are meant for.

Forge: For the Rugged Individualist

Benchmark's Forge collection is built for the long haul and the adventure ahead. From its blackened titanium to its white cobalt designs, each wedding band can stand up to your busy and active lifestyle. Strong. Modern. Dependable. All qualities that reflect your wedding band and your personality.

Better to leave your ring at home while you traipse the rugged outdoors. The Forge collection can elevate almost any casual or formal ensembles. Its minimal flair and modern industrial design can go with your button-up work shirt or your band tee.

benchmark forge mens wedding bands

Tantalum: For the Modern and Edgy Rocker

Men's wedding bands are known for their alternative metals. Benchmark's Tantalum collection harnesses the durability and sleekness of tantalum, a contemporary industrial metal, into an array of wedding band designs. Benchmark crafts their rings in the metal's purest form. Complex and exquisite pattern inlays and stone wall textures offer unique options to stand out from the crowd.

Rock out with these hypo-allergenic and break-proof rings while riding into the sunset on your motorcycle. A classic leather jacket or a neutral-colored blazer offers a subtle contrast to the intricacies and textures of these rings.

Ammara Stone: For the Sophisticated Style Icon

Make a fashion statement with Benchmark's Ammara Stone collection. Sleek black titanium and tantalum are softened with rich and lustrous gold metals. Innovative metal bonding techniques give each design a futuristic air.

The versatile designs can be paired with a sleek business suit or a leather jacket. Just make sure to match your accessory metals for a cohesive look.

benchmark ammara stone wedding ring

Classics: For the Traditional Type

Benchmark's Classics collection is a minimalist's dream. Vintage-inspired designs in an assortment of profiles, widths, and finishes are available in gold, platinum, and palladium metals. Each ring is die struck to reduce porosity and enhance its durability. Keep the tradition alive with these simple and luxurious designs.

A classic suit or even casual wear in neutral tones can complement any Classics design. A casual sports coat or a basic t-shirt and khakis combination can also work. Choose this collection for an heirloom piece that will be with you forever.

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