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Before You Shop: How to Figure Out Her Engagement Ring Size

June 21st, 2017

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Shopping for an engagement ring might seem difficult, not only are there serious specifications to be considered like style, stone shape, and metal, but shoppers must speculate over the appropriate ring size for their partner prior to purchasing.

Well, at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we have heard our fair share of stories on how to figure out your girlfriend's ring size before you shop for the ring. As a dependable supplier of today's finest engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry, we at Albert's Diamond Jewelers are proud to continue to serve you, our greater Indiana friends and neighbors with our tips, tricks, and other endless resources to help make your nuptials as easy and enjoyable as possible.

So, you are trying to figure out her ring size? Try borrowing one of her rings. It might prove easy or difficult depending on your living situation and how accessible her jewelry box is to you. Our guests have shared their stories and the most successful have waited until their partners have been out of the room or home. Some have quickly taken a ring while their beloveds are in the shower, others while they have gone out for groceries, or out with friends. It's up to you!

Once you have taken the ring, you can bring it to a reputable jewelry retailer (like Albert's) and have us properly size the ring for you! Once we've done that, the hard part is over and you can put the ring back as though nothing.

If bringing the ring might be too hard, that is, if you think she might find out a ring is temporarily missing, consider simply trying the ring on your own finger to compare it to your size. While she is out of the room, try on one of her pre-existing rings and perhaps mark up to where it fits with a marker or pen and have us check the size for you here. If trying on your partner's jewelry seems a little strange, then trace the outline of the ring on a piece of paper and bring that to us.

Another way to determine her ring size and perhaps the most fun, is to do it while she sleeps. While you and your lady sleep, gently reach over and slip a string around her ring finger for a copy of her size. Then, like many of our other suggestions, bring the string right on over to either our Merrillville or Schererville, Indiana locations to have it sized.

Last, try asking one of her friends! Not only is one of her besties likely to know her ring size, but between friends, it is plausible your girlfriend will have already discussed the types of engagement rings she likes. So, you might be a step or two ahead when it comes to shopping for the real deal.

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See You at Albert's!

After you have figured out her ring size, shop for her engagement ring with us! We are proud authorized retailers of premium quality designers including A. Jaffe, Christopher DesignsVerragio, and many others. Our specialists are ready to hear from you and share more stories from our customers. Call us at 800.946.1491, visit our "Contact us" page, or visit our lovely collections at our Merrillville, and Schererville, Indiana locations.