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April Birthstone Jewelry Selections 2023

March 5th, 2023

A silver diamond tennis bracelet lying on a crisp white cloth

Every month has a birthstone, but those born in April are lucky to have the most luxurious, radiant, prestigious jewel as theirs. The diamond is the king of gemstones, a glamorous stone found in high-end accessories. Jewelry designers from around the world have developed a diverse variety of diamond jewelry. There’s something suitable for every taste. Whether you’re getting something for yourself or a loved one, it’s easy to find the perfect accessory.

A silver pendant necklace featuring a star shaped pendant filled with round cut diamonds

Stellar Pendants

Pendants are spectacular, eye-catching, and glamorous. Hanging in the middle of one’s silhouette, their vibrant aesthetic extends to all parts of an outfit. They offer a large, bold canvas jewelry designers can imbue with delightful gemstones, precious metals, and extravagant artistic displays.

Our 10k white gold diamond star pendant is truly fantastic, exhibiting a unique star silhouette outline with brilliant diamonds and 10k white gold. This piece is exceptional for tying together an outfit with a personal touch.

A pair of silver diamond stud earrings with round cut center stones and halo settings

Versatile Studs

A pair of diamond studs is a classic and timeless accessory. They provide a radiant flash of light within a small silhouette. This makes them peerlessly versatile and easy to pair with any ensemble. Diamond studs are an exceptional gift for this reason, as they are sure to be a staple in any wardrobe.

This pair of Albert’s 14k white gold diamond halo studs produces a spectacular display of brilliant, beautiful light. They accentuate any outfit with a pleasant, bright chic elevated by 14k white gold plus a diamond halo setting.

A gold bangle bracelet with a stylized flower motif dotted with round cut diamonds

Regal Bracelets

One excellent characteristic of diamonds is how they accentuate the spectacular hues of precious metals. Showcase this fantastic effect with a gorgeous bracelet. They give one’s hand movements a fashionable flourish of luxurious style. There are many varieties of bracelets, such as bangles, cuffs, and chains. Every kind has unique aesthetic characteristics.

Consider this Roberto Coin Venetian Princess 18k yellow gold bracelet. It showcases a beautiful, complex yellow gold flower centerpiece exhibiting plenty of brilliant diamonds. On the inside, one can see Roberto Coin’s signature ruby inset.

A silver fashion ring with diamond details and silver spheres

Radiant Rings

Diamond fashion rings are always elegant, adding a bright, beautiful pop of glamor to any ensemble. Wear them with other rings to create an enchanting, expressive ring stack or alone for a more understated look. However one wears a diamond fashion ring, it’s going to be a fantastic addition to any outfit.

This Lagos sterling silver Caviar Spark pave diamond ring evokes a distinctive look. Delicate but bombastic, sterling silver emphasizes the eye-catching enchantment of the diamond pave central display. It has an edgy but marvelous aesthetic suitable for anyone born in April.

A woman with pink hair wearing a diamond ear climber

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