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An Expert's Guide on How to Choose a Men's Wedding Band

October 8th, 2019

An Expert's Guide on How to Choose a Men's Wedding Band

Men's wedding bands have truly hit peak style. Gone are the days of having to choose from either gold or silver. Grooms today can select from a wide range of durable materials that are made for everyday wear yet still offer handsome details and rugged elements. How to choose a men's wedding band doesn't have to be a laborious process; here are some helpful questions to ask and important considerations that will make the experience one you'll enjoy.

Know Before You Go

Before you head to your jeweler, consider the following list of questions to help guide your selection process.

First, who's buying the ring? Some couples buy the wedding bands together; others opt to buy them for each other. Know what budget you need to stay under and who's footing the final bill.

Second, before deciding which metal or material you want, ask yourself what sort of requirements the ring will need to meet. What's your line of work? What are your hobbies? You likely don't want a ring that you'll have to take off multiple times during the day.

Finally, think about which styles you like most. Are you more of a traditional guy or do you prefer something a little more edgy, rugged, or modern? Do you and your partner want matching wedding bands? Some couples will incorporate a coordinating element, like the same metal or perhaps the same engraved message. If your fiance has a vintage or classic style engagement ring, like many of the options from A. Jaffe, gold and silver (or variants such as white gold, platinum, and palladium) are the obvious choices for a traditional men's wedding band.

How to Choose a Men's Wedding Band

Knowing what to expect in terms of the selection process is helpful to grooms who don't love shopping or having to try on multiple rings.

First, if you don't already know your ring size, don't rely on at-home guides. Go into a jeweler, and better yet, go into several to ensure a proper fit. While some metals allow for resizing, others don't. Plus, you'll be wearing the ring every day, so you want to ensure a perfect fit.

Second, consider which material you like most that best fits your lifestyle (and allergies).

Helpful Hints to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Material

If you're a traditionalist and want white gold, keep in mind that it's coated in rhodium, which will need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

Platinum is another, obviously more pricey choice, but it offers that classic look and is hypoallergenic (white gold also contains nickel which is a common allergen). Stainless steel is a common go-to for men looking for a low-maintenance, light, durable ring. But stainless steel also contains nickel, so if you have an allergy you might want to reconsider.

If you're looking for a more industrial chic feel, tungsten carbide offers a similar look to platinum and white gold, but is less expensive and nearly impossible to scratch. This material, however, cannot be resized. Titanium has the same benefits as tungsten carbide, but is lighter and doesn't conduct heat, a feature especially helpful to men working in certain professions or hobbies.

How to choose wedding rings for men

Other Dapper Details

There's width. Some bands can be decidedly wide, while others are slimmer or even down right slender. Most prong wedding bands are slimmer, though there are exceptions.

There's curved and flat edges. Curved edges offer a classic look, while flat ones give a more rugged feel. There's also finish. Do you like the look of high polish, matte, or maybe a little of each’

There's the question of stylistic flourishes. More men are wanting to add a little something extra, opting for diamond wedding bands, which can feature anywhere from a single stone to a full succession of piercing diamonds. If you're a groom who definitely wants to go full-diamond, a channel wedding band features a whole chain of handsome stones, securely set for trusted protection.

Or, Opt for a Custom Design

For men wanting their ring to be especially unique, consider having one designed custom for you. Albert's Diamond Jewelers offers both custom design and engraving options, allowing men to create a ring that's as singular as their partner.

Visit Albert's Diamond Jewelers to Start Your Search

When you're ready to start shopping, stop into one of our Merrillville or Schererville locations or send an email to customerservice@albertsdiamondjewelers.com to make an appointment. We love helping grooms try on different styles and helping them find a ring that will make them feel special, too.