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When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings hold a lot of sentimental and financial value. As styles change and couples’ relationships evolve, it is sometimes necessary to upgrade an engagement ring. Changing the diamond size, cut, or even reinventing the setting are common ways couples keep their rings up to date with the trending styles. Albert’s Diamond Jewelers’ experts have some tips for keeping your ring fashionable.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

As couples grow together and life situations change, oftentimes, the easiest way to upgrade their rings is to replace the center stone with a larger diamond. A bigger center diamond draws more attention to the ring, creating a dramatic statement piece that will sparkle under the light. Show the world how your relationship has grown with an enhancement to the ring that started it all.

Change Diamond Shapes

Opting for a different cut of a diamond can completely change the style and tone. A timeless classic, the brilliant round cut, remains the most popular option. The princess cut is a contemporary favorite, square in shape with rounded edges. For the illusion of a larger ring and longer, slimmer fingers, try the luxurious-looking emerald cut. Radiant cut diamonds can be either a rectangle or a square and ensure maximum brilliance. The oval cut’s soft appearance is a romantic option that pairs well with rose gold for those who love everything vintage. Likewise, the pear-shaped cut is a classic, with a round bottom that gently comes to a point at the top.

Add Extra Diamonds

Adding more diamonds to your engagement ring can transform it, with the bonus of not having to change the center stone. There are endless options to choose from when adding diamonds to your engagement ring. Adding a single or double halo creates a showstopping, dramatic effect. For a more subtle sparkle, there is the option to add hidden diamond detailing or peek-a-boo diamonds on the band. Another way to customize your ring is by adding colored gemstones for a pop of color. Popular options include childrens’ and significant others' birthstones. Richly colored stones like rubies and sapphires stand out and complement the white of the center stone diamond.

Change the Setting

The sky is the limit when it comes to changing settings. The popular solitaire setting is traditionally a single stone on an unadorned band; however, some modern adaptations have hidden diamond detailing. This is a great option for those that want a minimalistic, sleek look. Halo settings encase the center stone in a ring of diamonds, while the three stone setting has the larger center stone flanked by two smaller ones. A side stone setting has diamonds down either side of the band, naturally drawing the eye up to the center stone.

Use a Different Type of Metal

The metal that is chosen for an engagement ring sets the overall tone of the piece. Yellow gold’s warm hue creates a lovely contrast for white diamonds. Rose gold’s copper-infused color gives a pinkish glow that draws the viewer in with its romantic and soft vibe. Slightly warmer than platinum, white gold typically is combined with silver or nickel to enhance its radiant sheen. Platinum is a white metal that is extremely luxurious and costly. Palladium is within the platinum family and is one of the rarest precious metals. Like platinum, it is durable, yet palladium differs in that it is lightweight.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

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