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Mother's Day Contest Winners 2016

May 8th, 2016

Grand Prize Winner: Stephanie Stough

Stephanie surprised her mother and presented  the pendant she won to her with the family around. Please watch this heartwarming video, her reaction is priceless! Thank you Stephanie for sharing this special moment with us!

Second Place Winner: Michelle Foster

Congratulations to our second place winner! Michelle wrote a touching story about the struggles her mother and family had to endure. Mother Marianne said, "She would do it all over again" as she teared up when pick out her new "Everything Happens for a Reason" Alex and Ani bracelet. Read the story Michelle wrote about her mother below:

"Like many families, my family came to Northwest Indiana when my sister and I were young to raise us in a safer community. Things were not always easy. Many of times my dad was in an out of work, and we lived paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. While this was a struggle in itself, the real struggle that my family would come to endure for the rest of our lives would begin when my sister turned 16. At this age, my sister was diagnosed with a rare genetic epilepsy called Lafora. It was a degenerative epilepsy that we were told "Ate your brain cells" day by day. At the time my sister was diagnosed, only 10 cases in the world had been diagnosed, and there was no cure. My sister deteriorated fast. She went from being an honor roll student and a Centralette to being bed ridden on a vent with a feeding tube. What's amazing in this story is my mother. While most mother's would break down at this news, my mother thrived. She gave everything she had to make sure my sister had the best quality of life possible. She quit her job and took on the care of my sister, which was a 24 hour job. Round the clock medications, tube feedings, suctioning, diaper changes, and continuous seizures were just a few of the many tasks my mom had to deal with on a daily basis. Through all of these obstacles, She made sure my sister was a part of and enjoyed every birthday and holiday with the family. Although given a life expectancy of 10 years, my sister made it 20. Many doctors said that could only be done with a Mother's Love! What amazes me the most is that whenever we bring up my sister, and talk about the past my mom looks at you with a smile and says "I would do it all again!"

Second Place Winners

Johnathan Foster, Ryne, Marianne Rodriquez (Mom) &  Michelle Foster (Daughter)

3rd Place Winner: Betty Bradley

4th Place Winner: Jennifer Schultz with Breanne

Fourth Place Winner

" She's my MOM, she picks me up when fall, she's always there for me, I can't imagine life without her. She gives good advice and she always there when things won't work out. She's supporting and caring and her love is unconditional. She's very special and I love my MOM more than words could ever say."