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Expertise Runs Deep In The Culture Of Albert's

January 30th, 2020

Albert's Diamond Jewelers

By: Kole Rushmore

They speak more than 14 languages under one roof. They have more than 20 certified gemologists on staff. "Friends first" is ingrained in their culture. And it's safe to say that none of their expertise is by accident. Albert's Diamond Jewelers is a tri-state go-to for when you want the most experienced professionals helping you with the most meaningful - and major - purchases in life.

"We like to say on your visit, �You're going to work with a team of experts,' and I think we're a team of experts," said Kerry Phillips, Chief Operating Officer at Albert's Diamond Jewelers. "For us, it's generational. We see great, great grandfathers, great grandfathers, grandfathers, sons, and their children--we see all the generations here because we've built those relationships."

Over the company's more than 100 years of serving Northwest Indiana, Albert's has grown from a tiny storefront in East Chicago to one of the largest and most successful jewelry destination stores in the country. In doing so, Albert's has staffed its stores with only the best and most experienced team members, including more than 20 certified gemologists who are dedicated to providing a personalized buying or selling experience.

"We have some of the best gemologists and appraisers in the country right here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers," Phillips said. "We speak 14 different languages under the roof. If you want someone like yourself, they're here--we likely have someone in the building that can help you make that connection literally and culturally, so you'll feel welcome and comfortable when you come to Albert's."

While being an authorized retailer to brands such as Cartier, TAG Heuer, IWC, David Yurman, and Roberto Coin, Albert's sets itself apart in other ways, too.

"A store doesn't carry these types of brands by accident," Phillips said. "You don't choose to carry them, they choose you. It's been a nice marriage between these internationally-famous brands, and Northwest Indiana, but the one thing that makes this place special is the culture. It's family-owned, it's a family atmosphere."

When you shop there, you become a part of their family. On the off chance you're left unsatisfied, the Albert's team will make it right.

"Josh and his dad [Fred] are almost always in the store, and if not, there's always senior managers or a decision-maker in the building," Phillips said. "We don't want to sell you something once, we want you to be a customer forever, and I think Fred says it best: �If we ever disappoint you or failed to leave you enthusiastically satisfied, just whisper in my ear and I'll fix it'."

The thinking runs deep within the Albert's culture.

"What's interesting about this place is what I call Rockstar Treatment. Our culture is what we call friends first. We want to be your friend first and know how you got here. Who sent you here? How did you hear about us? The exciting thing for us is that we have something for everybody. We didn't start that way, but that's how we ended up. We want everyone to be treated like a rockstar. Whether you're spending $9 or $900,000, we want you treated beautifully," Phillips said.

Albert's is a full-service jewelry store, with jewelry and watch repair professionals on-site. Along with offering some of the world's most exclusive and renowned designers, the diamond jewelers can fix almost anything.

"We have master craftsman with 30 to 40 years of experience, and we have a perfect marriage between old-world craftsmanship and new world technology. We have guys that can make jewelry as it's been made for more than 100 years, and they can also implement advances in technology. The combination of the two is amazing," he said.

Even if it's your first time making a major purchase, Albert's can help.

"Young people are really our life's blood," Phillips said. "We have a credit vehicle that is our own. We're their bank, so we can start young people with their class ring, or first promise ring. We're able to help them start their credit journey. Through the years, that's how we've built those relationships."

For more information on Albert's Diamond Jewelers, visit their website https://albertsjewelers.com/

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