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Albert's Letters: Mario G. Segneri

October 4th, 2015


I wanted to take a moment and send you this quick email regarding my experience at your Schererville store this Sunday afternoon. Being a long time customer (shopped at the East Chicago store) I have developed some much welcomed friendships with several of the people who work at your store. I was at your store to look at some men's wrist watches. I came in looking for Mr. Kerry Phillips, who I so enjoy his personality and kindness, was at a silent auction at a different location.

Nonetheless, a young man, who I met once before, asked to help me with my quest for a particular watch. We headed off to the watch section and talking with Frank for several minutes, another friendship developed. Frank Dresden, the sales associate, a very personable and articulate associate, embraced my passion for watches and Horology in general. I was impressed with his knowledge and eagerness to learn as well. We joked, laughed and shared stories while looking at some beautiful timepieces. Several hours passed, (my fault, I'm funny that way) before I decided on the watch I wanted at a beautiful price. I went into your store to buy a watch, but actually come out with something that you cannot buy anywhere, at any price. I indeed came out with the biggest box ever made (Omega Moon Watch). But, I also came out feeling good on the inside. It's hard to explain, but driving home I felt that I had just spent a few long overdue hours with some of my best and cherished friends.

Thank you for being in business and treating people the way you do, no matter if they are just looking or ready to buy that day.

Kindest regards,

Mario G. Segneri