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Introduction to Jewelry Restoration

Authentic vintage jewelry often has a style that cannot be found in more modern pieces. Whether it’s through intricate metalwork, unique proportions, or “obsolete” gem cuts, older pieces are remarkable and special. Time does not age jewelry well, however. Gemstones can dull while humidity can rust and tarnish precious metals. Prongs can snap under pressure. It is a great tragedy when heirlooms fall to the ravages of time. Prevent these effects at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers via our expert jewelry restoration services. We can bring these beautiful artifacts to life with care and expertise, ensuring that every heirloom lasts a lifetime.

Why Have a Professional Restore Your Jewelry?

It’s vital to have only a trained and certified professional restore your jewelry. Due to the age of these pieces involved, they can be delicate, brittle, and vulnerable to the slightest touch. At-home restorations can damage and even destroy them, which is the opposite of what you want to happen. Jewelry stores usually employ expert goldsmiths with a history of repairing, cleaning, and creating jewelry. With their extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment, they can make antique jewelry look as good as new. Tarnished metal can again produce its spectacular, enchanting hue while gemstones can shine brightly once more.

Jewelry Repair Services at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Vintage jewelry is not the only jewelry to need repairs: new pieces can break, too. Heat, humidity, sweat, and gravity all threaten these most luxurious accessories. Accidents are a common part of everyday life, as is the damage they can cause. Broken prongs, loose diamonds, and rust are more likely than we like to believe. Luckily, many jewelers offer professional jewelry repair as well as restoration services. They can polish metal, remount diamonds, resize bands, restring pearls, redip white gold, replace prongs, and much more. Some stores can even repair timepieces, ensuring that every heirloom remains in the family for generations to come.

Restore Your Jewelry at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers in Schererville, Indiana

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has been Schererville’s favorite jewelry store for over a century. Ever since our founding in 1905, we have continued to offer only the finest jewelry to Chicagoland. Be it a romantic engagement ring or a fashionable chain necklace, we have what you need to be stylish. Our team doesn’t just sell jewelry: we can fix it, polish it, inspect it, and more. Unable to find the jewelry you have in mind? Meet with our goldsmiths to design your own jewelry. Set a reservation today to have a fully personalized shopping experience or call (219) 322-2700 to learn more about us.