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Tips to Narrow Down Your Engagement Ring in Chicago

January 21st, 2021

You've dreamed of getting engaged since you were young, but now that the time in your life is approaching, you may feel overwhelmed. With so many different diamond engagement rings in the Windy City, choosing a high-quality ring that still reflects your personal style can be tricky.

Whether you're visiting our jewelry store near Chicago on your own or you're visiting with your significant other, here are some tips to find your dream ring.

Start By Choosing a Shape

First, determine the general shape of the ring that you like the most. Common options include round, oval, square, pear, or marquise. Be mindful that the shape that you choose will impact the price. Round cuts are typically the most expensive while pear and marquise offer lower price points.

You can also narrow it down to a couple of shape preferences and see which style suits your hand the best. Trying rings on is an easy way to see what you prefer.

Consider Your Metal Choice

If you love wearing jewelry on a daily basis, do you gravitate toward a certain metal color? Some women prefer yellow or rose gold while others are drawn to sterling silver. Follow this same approach when choosing your engagement ring in Chicago, as you know it will complement your other jewelry looks.

Keep in mind that some metal types scratch significantly easier than others, so this is something you'll want to factor into your decision as well.

Consider Your Wedding Band

If you have a vision for what your engagement ring and wedding band combination will look like, keep this in mind when engagement ring shopping in Chicago. Some wedding bands perfectly accompany certain engagement ring styles.

Choose a Certified Vendor

It's no surprise that the best engagement rings in Chicago come from the best jewelry stores in Chicago. It's important that you purchase a ring from a vendor who knows what they are doing, and this is exactly what you can expect at Albert's Diamond Jewelers.

We will work with you to help you find the perfect engagement rings for your needs. Visit our convenient location just 30 minutes outside of downtown Chicago, and our knowledgeable team is happy to assist you!