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Must-Ask Questions When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is no small investment, as it likely holds tremendous sentimental and monetary value and will be one your partner wears for the rest of your lives together. You want to be confident that the ring you decide on is of the highest quality and meets all your unique needs and expectations. We’ve put together a list of some of the questions you should be sure to ask your jeweler before making a purchase.

What Are the 4C’s of the Diamond?

Start by getting as much information as possible on the quality of the center stone. The 4Cs stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Your jeweler should be able to provide you with precise information on each of these characteristics. You may want to inquire about the 4Cs of multiple diamonds they carry to compare and find your best option.

What Are the Characteristics of the Metal?

Ask your jeweler to provide information on the properties of the metal used in the ring. You may find a yellow gold ring that you love and find that it’s only gold-plated rather than solid gold. Inquire into the rings forged in high-quality metals that will last a lifetime. It is also essential to ask if your partner has any sensitivities to certain materials.

How Easily Can the Ring Be Resized?

Over time, the size of your fingers can change. Be it for medical reasons, weight changes, or weather variation, such shifts in ring size can be unavoidable and unpredictable. You may need your engagement ring to be sized up or down. Due to their intricate designs and structure, some engagement rings may be difficult to resize. Inquire about the ease of resizing with each ring you consider.

Is Engraving an Option?

Some jewelers will perform engraving, and others won’t. It could also depend on the type of ring. So if an engraving is something you want your ring to have, make sure your jeweler is capable of doing so. You’ll also want to ask them about the cost to determine if you're going to have it done elsewhere for cheaper.

What Are the Payment Options?

While some jewelers will require you to pay for the piece upfront, some offer payment plans and financing options. It’s important to know whether your jeweler provides multiple payment options because, if they do, you may be able to afford a more costly ring if you can spread the payments out over a more extended period.

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