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Guide to Modern Wedding Band Styles

A wedding band will be a constant part of your life for the duration of your marriage. A contemporary yet timeless style will allow you to fully enjoy the symbol of your love for the entirety of your lives together. Our team at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has created this guide to modern wedding band styles that you’ll adore.

Pave Wedding Bands

With a name that refers to its sparkling, paved road effect, pave wedding bands glitter with the addition of small diamonds set in place with precious metals filling the gaps around the stones. Micropave is also popular as it increases the subtle yet magnificent brilliance that a ring may be able to contain within its design. These rings can also be bold and make a powerful statement.

Eternity Rings

Display your unbroken bond with an eternity ring. These bands have a continuous line of diamonds or colorful gemstones that go all the way around the ring. This represents loyalty and that the love that you share is eternal. Eternity bands are gorgeous and designers create many modern interpretations that will be loved for a lifetime.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Your bridal stack can be just as fashion-forward as the rest of your jewelry. A stackable diamond wedding band will look lovely next to your engagement ring. These bands can be thin and stunning or bold and dramatic with many variations in between. Using your modern aesthetic to shape your bridal stack is a deeply personal experience.

Nesting Rings

A nesting ring has a dip in the band so that it can snuggly fit against the center diamond of your engagement ring. These phenomenal pieces can give your bridal stack a modern flair and a cohesive look. Gemstones or mixed metals can add a pop of intrigue and vibrance to your style that will be well-regarded forever.

Anniversary Bands

After years of blissful marriage, an anniversary band is a fantastic way to celebrate the time you have spent together while still looking forward to what the future holds. A multi-row ring with three layers of incredible diamonds will make an amazing way to remind them how much you love them and are glad they are your person for all of time.

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We encourage you to explore our selection of wedding bands in our Albert’s Diamond Jewelers showroom. With an incredible variety of the most loved modern jewelry designers, we are sure you will find the perfect ring to wear forever. Visit our Schererville jewelry store for an incredible experience in an atmosphere of luxury.