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Luminox  Watch Collection
Luminox  Watch Collection
Luminox  Watch Collection




About Luminox

Albert's Diamond Jewelers is honored to present luxury watches by Luminox, a Swiss-made brand. Founded in 1989, Luminox combines "Lumi" (light) and "Nox" (night) to reflect its unmatched self-powered illumination system. These watches are not just about telling time; it embodies a commitment to peerless luminescence and readability. Using groundbreaking technology once exclusive to the military, Luminox watches feature borosilicate glass capsules, ensuring continuous visibility for up to 25 years. Cherished by the US Navy SEALs, its distinct series—Sea, Land, and Air—resonate with the brand's mission to face any challenge head-on. Dive into the world of Luminox timepieces with us.

Popular Luminox Watch Collections

Inspired by the vast oceans, Luminox's Pacific Diver collection seamlessly blends the aesthetics of traditional diving watches with contemporary design elements, boasting a refined bezel and enhanced water resistance. In a striking contrast, the Navy Seal collection stands as a testament to rugged endurance. Tailored for extreme conditions, these watches feature bold numerals, superior luminescence, and a tactical frame, echoing the resilience of the elite military force. While maritime elegance is epitomized in the Pacific Diver, unmatched durability shines through in the Navy Seal. Both collections underscore Luminox's commitment to harmonizing style with unwavering performance.

Demonstrating a profound commitment to environmental sustainability, Luminox's TIDE Recycled Ocean Material collection showcases watches constructed from ocean-bound plastic. This initiative not only champions ecological responsibility but also crafts pieces that are visually stunning and durable, turning waste into wonder with a nod to maritime aesthetics. Alternatively, the Bear Grylls Survival ECO Master collection is forged from the symbiotic relationship between adventure and innovation. Co-designed with survival expert Bear Grylls, these watches embody resilience, featuring compasses and paracord straps, tools essential for survival. This series is the epitome of rugged elegance, blending function and style in an environmentally conscious manner.

Find Luminox Watches at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Discover the world of exquisite timepieces, including renowned brands like Luminox, at Albert's Diamond Jewelers. Our conveniently located Schererville jewelry store doesn't just offer an impressive collection of watches; we also provide a vast array of professional jewelry services that cater to all your needs. Whether you're seeking maintenance for a cherished piece or embarking on a new purchase journey, our team’s expertise ensures a seamless experience. Dive into the realm of timeless elegance and precision with us. To enhance your shopping experience, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with our dedicated team members.