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When you're shopping for the perfect watch, it's great to know the terminology of watch components and features. Here's an overview of watch lingo:


The watch bracelet you choose sets the stage for your impression. A wide variety of metals, leathers, and synthetic watch materials with varying finishes create a world of fashion looks and durability.


For a the expensive-looking appeal of a gold watch—without the price tag—gold plating is an application of gold over another metal to create a gold finish.


A highly durable and rugged material, stainless steel is extremely popular for watch construction. It wears and lasts well, and is also hypoallergenic.


Titanium is one of the lightest and strongest metals on earth and is a choice material for watch construction. Like stainless steel, it's also hypoallergenic.


This is the round part of the watch that forms a ring around the watch face and holds the crystal in place. The bevel contributes strikingly to the look of your watch design. Some design features have a bevel you can rotate.


Traditionally called the “winder,” the crown is a tiny cylinder extending at 3:00 that you can pull out and turn to set the time.


Constructed from plastic, glass, or synthetic sapphire, the watch crystal sits securely over the watch face to protect it.


A watch gasket is just a ring that seals the internal workings for protection from dirt and moisture. It's usually made of rubber or plastic.


There are varying levels of water tolerance in watches. A water resistant watch is one that keeps moisture out with ordinary use. To preserve water resistance, protect your watch from extremes in temperature (e.g., a sauna), and from harsh chemicals that can damage the gaskets. Heavily chlorinated water can damage gaskets. You may need to have the watch gasket and seal re-checked from time to time.

Want to wear your watch while swimming? You'll need your watch to be water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet). Additional standards apply to deeper water. For snorkeling, the standard is water-tested to 100 meters (330 feet).For skin-diving: 200 meters (660 feet). Scuba diving calls for ISO standards of 150-200 meters (up to 660 feet).

Get To Know Your Watch

We live in a world that is increasingly fast-paced. With so many little things to keep track of, having a watch that can effectively meet your needs is more important than ever. Watches have undergone a constant change to be able to meet the needs of a quicker world. That means the modern watch has a variety of new components that you might not know about. Keep reading to find out more about important watch terms to know and learn about your timepiece’s intricate functionality. Getting familiar with watch movements and complications is critical to finding out what watch is right for you.

Popular Watch Terms To Know

Watch movements control how a watch keeps accurate time, but they are starkly different in the way they operate. Watches with automatic movements are powered by the natural motion of the wearer, hence the name “automatic”. In order to ensure its functionality, you will need to wear your watch frequently or wind it before use. Watches with quartz movements are different in that they get powered by a battery made from crystal quartz. Unlike automatic movements, this watch movement does not require constant use to maintain accurate time. What movement is right for you will depend on your lifestyle and how frequently you want to use your timepiece.

A proper watch is more than just its base parts; most high-functioning watches have several complications added on. A complication is any function of a watch that goes beyond standard time-tracking to perform something new. A popular and effective one is the day/date functionality that shows the user the date in addition to the current time. There are complications that cater to different career paths as well, as aircraft personnel uses the altimeter complication to determine their altitude.

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