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G-Shock Watches
G-Shock Watches
G-Shock Watches




Characteristics of G-Shock

A watch is a marvel of modern engineering, yet all too often the designs can be delicate and subject to everyday wear and tear. Thirty years ago, a Casio engineer began pursuing a dream of a watch that would never break. From this goal, G-Shock was born and has become synonymous with durability, reliability, versatility, and innovation. G-Shock watches resist not only centrifugal and direct impact force but can also withstand high water pressure. All-around protection, a hollow case design, and cushioning are vital components that made G-Shock so robust. Find a G-Shock watch that will last a lifetime with Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

Popular G-Shock Collections

G-Shock has always been an innovator in the world of watchmaking. A part of the G-Shock MOVE line of sports watches, these designs include complications that measure heart rate, GPS bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer. These complications are incredibly sensitive and give you read-outs in real-time. Featuring a forged bezel, with a camo pattern laser-etched onto stainless steel, these watches are stylish, sleek, and masculine.

Additional G-Shock Collections

Designed to resist mud, dirt, and sludge in even the toughest of conditions. Marked with large Arabic numerals for ease of sight, as well as the super illuminator, high-brightness LED light, this rugged watch is perfect for anyone who regularly finds themselves getting down and dirty. For something a little cooler, the G-Shock Limited Edition Burton Mudmaster was designed in collaboration with the world-renowned snowboard brand, Burton. One of the most modern iterations of the durable Mudmaster line, this model is adorned with snow-covered tree camouflage.

Why Shop G-Shock at Albert's Diamond Jewelers?

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has been in business for more than 115 years, and we remain one of the country’s most successful family-owned jewelers. We offer a wide range of services to our neighbors in Schererville, Chicago, Griffith, and Highland. We also host a yearly auction that donates all of the proceeds to multiple sclerosis research, with more than $18,000 raised to date. Some of the services we offer include jewelry and watch repair, appraisal, and a lucrative corporate rewards program. Visit us online or call us at (219)-322-2700 to find out more about our amazing collection of G-Shock watches.