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Diamonds and gemstones are treasures in themselves, but the unique thing about engagement ring settings is that they're forms of artwork that designers use to express their aesthetic grace. The exceptional beauty of each setting style is apparent, but each setting has its own power that sets it apart from the others. Here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we've made it our business to understand the brilliance of bridal jewelry, and we strive to help our customers to know the best engagement ring to match their personal sense of style.


The three stone engagement ring is distinguished by an appreciation for unique diamond cuts. This style utilizes two midsize jewels to complement the center stone, and the effect is nothing short of breathtaking. Rare stone shapes like trilliant or chevron cuts can be used to great effect in this style, and many designers opt for elegantly colored stones like tanzanite or sapphire as a color accent. As a symbol, three stone engagement rings can be a remarkable thing, symbolizing triads like a couple's past, present, and future.


The solitaire ring is one that is ideal when a woman wants to show off a particular jewel. Whether you've chosen the neoclassical cool of the bezel, pronged, or the ultramodern tension setting, the solitaire engagement ring shows off that stone perfectly. When you're looking to show off, for example, a big glittery diamond without distraction-or you've got something special about your center stone that you want to celebrate without distraction, you may appreciate the solitaire ring.


On the other hand, if you've got a center stone that you want to surround with even more glitz, the Art Deco excellence of the halo ring is one of the best engagement ring settings for you. As mentioned, the halo ring is a vintage style made to surround a stone with jewels, but with abstractly shaped halos, lacy halos, or floral halos, it can be a delightful choice for the modern woman. Pick a halo ring if you're looking to add at least a carat weight to the visual size of your preferred diamond.


Side stone rings are similar to the halo style insofar as they utilize many stones to accentuate the center diamond. But rather than placing them in a hoop of jewels, they're worked into the shank of the engagement ring. Because the shank itself can be designed in a thousand different ways, there are just as many ways of working them into a designer ring. If you're partial to colored gems, such as pink or yellow diamonds or sapphires, this style sets them in a gorgeous, unique manner.


Rarer than other styles, the cluster ring is typified by utilizing several sizes of diamond (or other colored gem) rather than a center stone. Like the three stone ring, this type of ring is ideal for its symbolic value. Like the side stone ring, it is also ideal for showing off different types of gem. Say, for example, you want to show off your birthstone and your husband's, you can have them alongside diamonds at the heart of a cluster ring. While slightly rare, if you have a passion for this style, it's best to talk to our team to have it custom designed for you!


If you'd like to learn more about engagement ring setting, especially those we offer here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, don't hesitate to contact us at our showrooms: (219)-322-2700 for Schererville, Indiana and (219)-769-1976 for Merrillville, Indiana!



You may know about the different types of settings that designers work with when they're constructing elegant engagement rings, such as solitaires and halo rings. But one a setting method has been chosen, designers must select a style to express their vision. The predominant engagement ring styles are vintage, classic, modern, and alternative. Here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, our passion for the artistry of engagement rings means that we're familiar enough with these styles to help you discover the right ring for your personal aesthetic!


When designers use the word "classic" to talk about their engagement rings, they're not referring to a particular period of time. Rather, the classic engagement ring is one that's timeless in its elegance. Simplicity, cleanliness, and a focus on the center stone that usually expresses itself through prong settings, the classic ring is an ideal choice for the woman who appreciates a ring that never runs the risk of going out of fashion. Usually, classic engagement rings err on the side of yellow gold and round-cut diamonds, but tapered baguettes, princess-cut solitaires, and micro-pave halos aren't excluded from this style either!


Vintage, contrasted with classic, tends to refer to engagement ring looks inspired by the Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras from between 1880 and 1930. These eras produced a wild flourishing of jewelry aesthetics that laid the groundwork for the engagement rings we see today. Vintage-style rings will often boast platinum, milgrain beading, and bezel settings to really capture the spirit of the age. You may also see a strong geometric profile that captures the Art Deco boldness, as well as the addition of sapphire side stones and intricate filigrees, which were touches common to the nature-inspired Art Nouveau period.


Modern engagement rings are, naturally, some of the most cutting-edge looks that modern jewelry design can produce. Generally beginning in the late 1970s, the "modern" period of engagement ring design features aspects that would have been impossible or aesthetically inconceivable to earlier eras. You'll find a lot of channel-set side stones here, as well as a fondness for the striking tension-set center stone. Also, modern engagement ring styles are the best place to find unusual diamond shapes repurposed in a striking manner. Even "vintage" shapes that have gone out of style have new life in modern rings!


"Alternative" is a very broad category when it comes to engagement rings. While the other styles have something of a solid list of traits, alternative rings are defined by their willingness to break out of strict definitions. For the boho-minded fiance, an alternative engagement ring may include features from the other styles put into one whimsical ring. The alternative ring may also feature elements that aren't common, such as non-noble metals, rough stones, or the handcrafted look. Alternative rings are also a good place to find finishes on metals that aren't often seen in the other categories. If you'd like to learn more about engagement ring styles, particularly those we carry here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, don't hesitate to give us a call at our showroom: (219)-322-2700 for Schererville, Indiana.