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a woman’s hand holding a bunch of stems and wearing a solitaire engagement ring


At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we believe each engagement ring is a profound statement, uniquely tailored to reflect your personality and aesthetic inclinations. The centerpiece, a carefully chosen gemstone, is pivotal in defining the ring's overall allure. It's not just about diamonds; our array spans a rich variety of gemstones, each offering its own charm and symbolism. This selection ensures that every ring not only signifies a bond but also mirrors the intricate essence of the one who wears it.


For engagement ring center stones, the allure of natural diamonds remains unparalleled, making them the most popular choice among couples. Their breathtaking beauty, coupled with their timeless appeal, is formed over billions of years under the earth’s crust. Each diamond is one-of-a-kind, showcasing distinct inclusions. Beyond their physical brilliance, diamonds evoke a sense of deep, everlasting connection, embodying the strength and purity of the bond between partners. This quintessential gemstone captures the essence of a promise that is meant to last a lifetime.

close up image of a diamond engagement ring and gemstone studded fabric
a woman’s hand holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing an engagement ring


Gaining popularity as a compelling alternative to traditional diamonds, moissanite shines with its own unique charm and exceptional qualities. Known for its nearly unrivaled brilliance and fire, this gemstone offers a durable, affordable, and ethically sourced option for those seeking something different. Its allure lies not just in its visual appeal but also in its resilience, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings that symbolize a commitment as enduring as the gemstone itself.


Offering a splash of personality, engagement rings can feature a vibrant array of colorful gemstones as their centerpieces. In recent years, opting for a gemstone over the traditional diamond has become sensational. Each hue and shade communicates a unique story and character. While all colorful gems bring their own flair to the table, it's crucial for couples to select stones that are also strong and resistant to damage. This careful choice guarantees a symbol of love that's both captivating and enduring.

a pair of wedding bands and engagement ring featuring a red center stone stacked
a woman lying down with roses in her hair wearing an engagement ring


Another alternative gaining popularity for those seeking sustainable and ethically sourced options are lab-created gemstones and diamonds. These stones offer the same stunning beauty and durability as their natural counterparts but with the added benefits of environmental responsibility and ethical practices. By choosing lab-created gems, individuals can enjoy the luxury and allure of exquisite jewelry while also making a positive impact on the planet and ensuring their cherished pieces are conflict-free.


Complete your dream engagement ring with a flawless center stone at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, located in Schererville. With our custom design services, you can create a truly unique ring, selecting the perfect center stone to match your vision. Our experts are dedicated to bringing your ideal engagement ring to life, ensuring it reflects your personal style and love story. For a truly tailored experience, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with our team members, and let us help you find the symbol of your future.

a woman’s hand resting on red fabric, adorned with a diamond engagement ring