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At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we offer professional ear piercing services for ages 4 months and up. At this time, we only offer ear lobe piercing. 

Our piercing fee starts at $49, which includes your choice of earrings and our specially formulated Aftercare Solution.

Read on to learn about our ear piercing services in greater detail. 

Ear Piercing Services

Ear piercing is about so much more than an earring. It’s about expressing yourself through your choice of beautiful wearable jewelry. After getting your ears pierced, you must keep your earrings in for 6 to 12 weeks. This prevents the holes from closing. 

Since you’re going to be wearing this initial piece of jewelry for so long, it’s important to make the right choice. For the best experience, schedule an appointment. Let us know if you prefer one or two piercing associates during your visit to ensure a smooth and comfortable process.

Types of Ear Piercings

Unique Styles to Suit Your Taste

Our piercing earrings come in various styles, from sparkling crystals and bold designs to timeless gold balls and classic gems. We offer a range of sizes and metal choices to match your look and budget. If you’re having a hard time choosing your first pair of earrings, our piercing associates will recommend a type of piercing based on your features and personal style preferences. 

Safety and Sterility You Can Trust

All of our earrings are hypoallergenic, crafted with ultra-thin posts and finely-honed tips for gentle piercing. Each earring is packaged in sterile, tamper-resistant cases to ensure maximum safety. Choose from 14KT gold, medical-grade stainless steel, and medical-grade titanium.

The Ear Lobe Piercing Process

Ear lobe piercing occurs in three easy steps using a gentle, hand-pressured instrument and sterile, hypoallergenic piercing earrings. 

Be sure to follow aftercare instructions to keep your piercing area clean and healthy, so you can enjoy wearing earrings for years to come.

Ear Lobe Piercing Aftercare

Before you go home from your appointment, we will provide you with an Aftercare Solution that is dermatologist-tested, vegan, and cruelty-free. It is specially formulated to soothe and cleanse the piercing area without drying or chapping. Cleanse the piercing site 3x a day with this solution. 

For ear lobe piercings, a 6-week healing period is recommended. Keep these aftercare dos and don’ts in mind to ensure your piercing heals properly. 


  • Keep the piercing clean and dry.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your ears or earrings.
  • Cleanse immediately after swimming or exercising.
  • Be careful when brushing hair, removing clothing, or playing sports.
  • Wear light stud earrings for the first 6 months after healing.


  • Do NOT remove earrings during the healing period.
  • Do NOT toy with your earrings excessively.
  • Do NOT wear tight-neck shirts until healed.
  • Do NOT forget to cleanse ears after using hair products or perfume.
  • Do NOT forget about your piercing during daily activities.
  • Do NOT wear heavy earrings for 6 months to a year after healing.

Schedule an Ear Piercing Appointment Today

At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, our expert team is dedicated to providing an exceptional ear piercing experience. Schedule your appointment today by clicking the link here or call 219.322.2700. Let us help you shine with beautiful, safe, and stylish earrings.